About Cheryl

When Cheryl Thiele first created The Sacred Journey in 1994, she was seeking to gain an overall perspective to her life. She worked with a generic datebook to manage her efforts as an art dealer and curator while jointly balancing countless hours of volunteerism.

In her personal life, she maintained a robust daily commitment to journal keeping, but longed to track her deeper goals and aspirations effectively, while still paying attention to inspirations, patterns, and markings of life’s ebbs and flows.

The first published edition of The Sacred Journey was shared in Autumn 1995 to a gathering of holistic health practitioners in Sedona, Arizona and quickly sold out. The entire edition had hand-printed covers made by Cheryl and an artist who hand-cut the symbolic stamp.

In print for over twenty years, The Sacred Journey was the recipient of multiple gold awards by the Calendar Marketing Association, including Most Original Desk Calendar and Best Theme.