With the evolution of digital technology, many find they write less and keyboard more. Many advances I've made are due to my work with computers, and my ability to continue learning with them.

Desktop publishing, including the design and layout of The Sacred Journey, Daily Journal For Your Soul and The Sacred Journey Cards is easier because of technology. Over the past several years, I've become passionate about photography, wildlife in particular, and once I've captured the images, all of my finish work is done with Photoshop and Lightroom.

I rely on technology every day in my business, and my ability to accomplish much more in a shorter period is due to computers. Accounting, spreadsheets, word processing, desktop publishing, and correspondence are efficient and accurate. I'm studying Spanish online and enjoying the playfulness of the approach while practicing conversations with my friends.

Throughout the process of this digital conversion, I tried to manage my appointments digitally, and it just doesn't work for me. While some things are handy to access and review on my phone and computers, like flight times and hotel reservations, I still gravitate towards writing down my everyday schedule.

When I physically write down an appointment, something clicks internally; yet that connection is missing in my digital calendar entries. The same occurs with journal keeping. When I journal using pen and paper, I express what I'm thinking and feeling differently than when I use puter.

Perhaps because the earliest years of my childhood education included daily penmanship lessons, I developed the skill and passion for handwriting. Here I am, decades later, every bit as committed to writing as an outlet to reveal my innermost self.

My pen collection grows, and although filling the chambers of my fountain pens is tedious, I still love it. And, as I pursue a sustained balance point between paper and screen, I appreciate the gifts that each brings, and for me, one won't replace the other.