Being a writer is entirely different than being a publisher. The first six years The Sacred Journey was in print, I self-published and steadily grew distribution of the journal. Once a major publisher picked it up, I celebrated, and many positive advances happened. Some of the benefits included expanding sales and international distribution, having an editorial staff, sales reps, and others who managed all aspects of the production, distribution, and fulfillment of this journal.

The industry has changed much in the past seven years. Bookstores that I loved, like the Bodhi Tree among others, have disappeared. Publishers have consolidated or downsized, laying off numerous dedicated staff. Many people buy online, and the joys of perusing the stocked shelves of the brick and mortar stores are becoming atypical.

When I returned to self-publishing several years ago, I discovered how naive I was about changes in the industry and what it would take to continue The Sacred Journey.  The challenges were palpable, but just as you have committed to working with this journal, I was determined to keep it in print for all of you.

For those of you who were gracious and found pens that dried quickly with the paper in the 2015 edition, thank you. Some of you liked the change of paper, while others didn't care for it. We listened, and 2017 is a return to uncoated paper found in other editions of The Sacred Journey.