The year before I published the first edition of The Sacred Journey, Daily Journal For Your Soul, I created its predecessor to help me with my personal development and titled it The Spiritual Warriors Goal Journal. I was much younger and trying to find the meaning behind the choices I was making in my work, play, and other pursuits.

In the nineties, I had the privilege of studying with a man named Little Crow, who distilled the essence of what he had to teach by saying: Everything is Sacred, and You Make a Difference. I took that to heart, meditated on it daily, and steadily it shifted my focus from what I want to what I could do in this lifetime.


Over the past twenty-two years, I've watched the word sacred become, at times, culturally polarizing. Rather than unifying, divisions occur based on interpretations of what an individual or group believes surrounding what they define as sacred.

There have been times that I thought about changing the name of this journal to avoid any misunderstanding about what it represents. However, something always brings me back to the essence of what sacred means to me, a fundamental respectfulness for all things.

Little Crow had it right. Everything is Sacred, and You Make a Difference!