Since it's inception, Cheryl has quietly donated thousands of copies of The Sacred Journey to various individuals and groups who are unable to purchase the journal.

Because the community of Sacred Journey journal keepers is robust and doing good work in the world, beginning with the 2017 edition, Cheryl is opening an opportunity for others to nominate groups or individuals who may benefit by receiving and working with the journal but can't afford to purchase. You are welcome to fill out this form, and we will review your submission.

Some of the previous recipients include:
Cancer treatment support groups
Cancer recovery support groups
Facilities for abused and neglected youth
High school writing programs in under-served areas
Therapists using the journal in conjunction with their work
Individuals who share a story of aspiration and commitment

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Note: It is solely at the discretion of the committee to approve any nominations, which may take up to four weeks, and you may only nominate others, not yourself. The more descriptive the request, the better your chances are for approval.