Guestbook Entries From 2013 -2012


From: Oakville, Ontario
December 31, 2013
I wanted to say thank you, Cheryl. I have just received my 2014 journal and feel relief that it is in my hands. I was introduced to the Sacred Journey two years ago. It has become a part of my journey, helping me to focus, to contemplate, to look, and to be. After reading your introduction, I am doubly grateful that you have stayed with us all. Peace.


From: Bobcaygeon, Ontario
December 26, 2013
My three friends and I have been focusing on this journal for many years now and we LOVE it. We are looking forward to diving into our 2014 journals December 29-30.

Victoria K

From: Denver, CO
December 13, 2013
I want to thank you, Cheryl for continuing the journey of THE SACRED JOURNEY. This is my 14th year working with it. It literally is an ‘appendage’……and I don’t go anywhere without it. It keeps me organized, and I paste in mementos, etc…, it has become a ‘diary of sorts’ of each year. Quite often, I revisit a previous journal to find a business note, a special remembrance, etc.
I just received my 2014, and read your letter. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Deena Kolbert

From: New York, NY
November 20, 2013
I have been a fan of yours for many years and now that I’ve spoken to you, I’ll go even further. Your spirit is infused with much love and allows space for others, and yet you are acutely aware of (y)our humanity with its worts and all. Your directness is rich and you display much discernment…so much to admire.

The journal has been one of my life savers. When I first began, about ten years ago, I was in a downward spiral writing with much negativity…blah, blah, blah and I began to dislike journaling. Amazingly, I discovered your simple yet direct request for positivity and everything changed… consistently improving year after year. It’s really put me on an upward trajectory and I have you to thank. I’m sure you have touched many other lives as well. It’s important for you to know how much you have affected so many and I thank you for that.
In peace,

Cherry B.

From: UK
November 19, 2013
So pleased that the journal is going to be available in the UK again this year. I got so much out of it in 2012 and am really looking forward to getting myself back on track using it for 2014. The format of the book is excellent and I found myself using it for everything from recording an account of my day to forward planning, home lists, doodling and collage. Thank you for your continued commitment to producing the journals and looking forward to being able to get the cards when they come out again. Kindest regards, Cherry xx

Suzy Kennedy

From: Thunderbay, On, Canada
October 27, 2013
I love this Journal. Im on my 4th year of using it and have already purchased next years. For years I tried to keep daily journalsFrom:and I learned that I dont do much on a daily basis. So I love that I can keep track of what I do everyday and have one page a week for bigger things that happen in my life. I make a theme every year for the blank end of month pages from: Favourites, places I want to see, art, scrapbooking. I love that I can be creative and keep my life organized. I hope these journals keep going for years to come.

Anna Newberry

From: Surrey, England, UK
July 29, 2013
I’m into my second year of doing this journal and it’s become a HUGE part of my life. I love so much how it really challenges me to look at the world & people around me and how they impact my being…and how I affect theirs too. It was very hard to get hold of a copy this year and very expensive when I finally did source one but it’s been so worth it. Thank you Cheryl for creating this wonderful diary! I share some of the less private parts of my journal in a section of my blog, specifically dedicated to sharing and promoting the sacred journey. I like to share all the wonderful things that happen in my life each month and what I’ve learnt too. Plus I love sharing my pages so that the time and creativity that goes into them can be enjoyed and maybe even inspire others.I thought I’d share it with you all as who better than fellow sacred journey diary keepers!


From: England, UK
May 15, 2013
Thank you for creating such a wonderful space to express everything throughout the year. Now into my 6th diary and love everything about it!
Please keep the hard back version for next year, as well as the softer backed one you made for this year – much easier for writing in when in out of the way places like on a beach, under a tree, sitting up in bed, on planes, trains! 🙂


From: Crown Point, IN
March 1, 2013
Even before my new journal arrived this year I had a pretty good idea of how I was going to use it. But then life happened…. Writings about unexpected trips, the death of a beloved pet, family health issues and a surprise burst of creativity have filled my pages since the New Year. Watercolor pages are flowing and newly learned Zentangles have appeared!!! My pages for the first two months are colorful and filled with life surprises. I welcome March as I did January and February, with rituals of incense and candles and blessings…. And lightly hold my breath as I await the details….
I love this journal.


From: Del Mar, NY
February 25, 2013
A dear friend in Australia gave me the Sacred Journey in 2008. It opened up my life to blessings and gratitude and acceptance of change and risk during that important year in my life. Now I am back living in the States and found myself in the basement the other morning pulling the 2008 journal out of a box. I decided i needed to re-engage with the structure and support the Sacred Journey journal gives me. I was so glad to see that the Journal continues, have ordered 2013 and am looking forward to the way this tool will enrich the coming year. Thank you, Cheryl Thiele, for persisting to get the journal published!

Marion McCartney

From: Derbyshire UK
February 3, 2013
When I went to my local bookshop to order my 2013 journal, and was told that it was no longer being published, I felt like I’d lost a trusted companion. I’d first bought the 1999 edition while on a family visit. I pulled it off the shelf of a whole food supermarket, following my intuition, and have used one every year since then. I can’t tell you how delighted I was when I looked you up just now,wakeful in the early hours,and found I could spend 2013 with a perfect companion.


From: Peterborough, Ontario
January 28, 2013
I absolutely adore the cover of 2013!!! The UPS guy delivered mine today-i ordered it only 2 days ago from Amazon. Finally after I searched around & couldn’t find a journal. Well it is on my lap now at the end of a long day brand new. I was so exited when I opened my door to the bell and I saw him-i was so happy. I took my parcel, my gift to me. Closed my door and started singing and jumping up and down singing its here. And more singing hurray its here.!!!!!
And I Love love love the cover!!! I have this thing with birch. It makes the finest covers…..You are so right Cheryl it is the best yet….well worth the wait. I Love it and I you et all the creators. Blessings in this season.


From: Dallas
January 10, 2013
Do you have an “APP” yet?


From: St. Catharines, On, Canada
January 9, 2013
I tend to push away success at the last minute so I’m going to visualize myself succeeding at certain things and then staying with how it feels until the panic is gone. The theme is “I feel grounded when I’m being what I want to be”. I think it will work out better then last year’s “wizard of oz.” My 5th Journal arrived in the mail today, I like the Birch.

Fleur Bromfield

From: BC, Canada
January 4, 2013
I have just received my 2013 journal, and wanted to drop a line to say how much I like the new cover and refreshing updated green colours to the pages. The softer and lovely wood cover makes it feel more like a journal now instead of a heavier feeling book. I am very happy with the changes & look forward to filling it once again! Happy New Year.


From: Atlanta, Ga
December 31, 2012
Up until 2012 I have been able to purchase the Sacred Journey Journal at a local bookstore here in Atlanta, however they did not carry the 2012, nor when I called today did they have the 2013. At that point I became a little frantic. I have purchased the journal annually since 2008. I then went to a large chain bookstore and they are not carrying the 2013 and could not order it for me, nor did the leading online bookstore have it. For a moment I had a fleeting thought that maybe it was not published. but then I was assured by my own Spirit that the Universe would not be that cruel (no disrespect intended). So here it is 10 minutes before the new year and I PCH searched for it and here I am. Just placed my order, so I’ll have to wait a couple of days but it will be well worth it. Thanks

Jan Terrill

From: Mertzon, Texas
December 31, 2012
Good Morning, Cheryl!!! I am working today on the last pages of my 2012 Sacred Journey and am already overflowing with new, exciting and wonderful ideas for 2013!!! Thank you ever so much for continuing this fabulous journal and for allowing us to share our expressions and creativity with one another!!! What a joyful experience it is!!! I pray for you to have a very blessed, healthy, prosperous and happy new year!!! God bless you!!! Jan P.S. I hope you never give up on The Sacred Journey!!!

Daine F.

From: Waynesboro, VA
December 31, 2012
I do not know how you do it! Each year, the first paragraph of your greetings page reaches out to me and touches my soul as if you knew what my heart is yearning for. This year, it is “courageous shift”. I have been tossing and turning the past few nights as I contemplate my intentions for the year (it is my 52nd birthday today, 12.31.12 as well) so there is much excitement. I realize I need much courage, determination, resolve, and integrity in order to make the shift I feel I am being pulled to make this year. I have s tremendous trust in the tool of this journal. I seem to know that it is going to guide me through the year, as it did so well in 2012. My deepest thanks to you Cheryl and your team for sharing your great gifts. You truly are helping to affect the next seven generation and All Our Relations. Peace, Loy, Joy and Great Love to you.


From: Lancashire, U.K.
December 29, 2012
Thank you so much! I first found your diary in 2008 and it changed my life. I LOVE the space given to be able to express our gratitudes, goals, affirmations and opportunities. Also the blank pages to draw, write my feelings and express my desires. It has literally changed my life. I panicked when I couldn’t find it in the UK amazon though this year, or in any stores in the UK now. 🙁 Such a shame. Then I found your site and am so happy.
With much gratitude, Dee

Marianne H.

From: Akron, Ohio
December 26, 2012
I cannot express enough how grateful and excited I am to be given the opportunity to purchase The Sacred Journey 2013 – I was LOST for an entire year as I couldn’t find a dealer or website to purchase the 2012 edition. So looking forward to The Sacred Journey 2013 arrival and thank you so very much!


From: Crown Point, IN
December 13, 2012
My new Journal arrived the other day and it felt as if an old friend had come to my home. The new features are lovely…change is good. Last year I chose one word each month from my spiritual readings and created a word web on the blank page that faces the monthly calendar page. All through the month I would add words to expand the web. At the end of each month I was surprised to see how the words had developed and changed direction through the month.
In addition to the words and phrases I add each month, I place photos of loved ones throughout my journal. I am so happy that I found The Sacred Journey Journal for 2013! Thank You Cheryl….and your wonderful staff for bringing us this treasure again.

Patricia Chittendon

From: Australia
December 13, 2012
Each year I start using this Sacred Tool to guide my spiritual path. Thank you!


From: Schenectady, NY
December 13, 2012
Live long and prosper! I don’t know how to get thru my day without your journal, so please keep going! And happy new year to you.

Barb M.

From: Sydney, Australia
December 11, 2012
Dearest Cheryl, Your wonderful journal is my constant companion. I love to look back over the early ones and see how my life has developed. Photos, tickets, notes from grandchildren fill the pages. Please don’t ever stop producing these life changing journals…..Barb Minogue

Pat N.

December 10, 2012
I look forward to buying your book every year, and I am so glad I found your web site. I was afraid that you stopped making the journal..Thank you for your inspiring words…this will be the first year that i will get your cards.
I can hardly wait to try them out…

Jaan S.

From: Sydney, British Columbia
December 8, 2012
Love this journal…good luck in New Year.

Jan Z.

From: Mercer Island, Washington
December 8, 2012
This will be my third year using the Sacred Journey Journal and I saw a huge difference between my use in 2011 and 2012. I also was able to track how much of my energy was consumed by the same toxic relationship which made it much easier to acknowledge that since the relationship was precious, I had to change the tapes.

Sandra Kay

From: Peoria, Az
December 7, 2012
Happy Holidays Cheryl,
Just received my 2013 Daily Journal for my Soul! I Love the new Features. The cover is Great! This is my “16th “Journal! U & I keep getting better! 🙂 The Journal has helped me learn & grow about myself & giving Love & Blessings to others! Pls. keep up the good work.
U R loved,
Sandra Kay

Karen V.

December 6, 2012
I have been using this journal as my business appointment book for years and would be lost with out it. Between appointment I usually journal. I have found it to be a very reflective tool. Thank you.

Liesel C.

From: California
December 4, 2012
Best wishes on the new direction.

Kristie Horn

From: Nebraska
December 3, 2012
I just want to say how much I enjoy The Sacred Journey: The Daily Journal for Your Soul. I have been using it for close to 10 years now. I would recommend it to anyone searching for a good way to “feed” their body, mind, spirit, and soul. Also, talking about going above and beyond, I was having trouble finding the journal for 2013. I contacted the people involved with The Sacred Journey and they personally contacted the book store I usually purchase the journal at so they could order me a copy …. what service! Thank you to Cheryl Thiele and everyone else involved with The Sacred Journey. PEACE, LOVE, and LIGHT to all!

Susie K.

From: United Kingdom
December 3, 2012
When shopping last December, I came across The Sacred Journey; It sort of jumped out at me from the shelves. Over the past year, it has given me a chance to review my life, my journey, and to constantly re-evaluate how I am and how I’m doing. I feel this year has been spiritually one of the best, because of The Sacred Journey. I’ve recommend the book to family and friends and cannot wait to continue my journey. Thank you and wishing you all the best.

Donna S.

From: California
December 3, 2012
Thank you for creating such beautiful journals!

Mary Kay Frohock

From: Lawrence, Kansas
December 2, 2012
I love this journey of a journal, I appreciate it more each year that I use it! Keep up the great and inspirational work. One of my favorite possessions is an autographed copy.

Judith M.

From: Asheville, North Carolina
December 2, 2012
I was disappointed to discover that the 2013 edition of THE SACRED JOURNEY JOURNAL WASN’T AVAILABLE WHERE I HAVE BEEN PURCHASING IT OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS! I have so enjoyed complimenting my daily journaling and spiritual readings with this wonderful journal!

Helen M.

From: Winchester, Massachusetts
November 30, 2012
I use your Sacred Journey in conjunction with my morning meditation, as it is a good way to start the day and keep track of the gifts I receive. Every day I list five things, like the fellow who carried my bag onto the airplane on my journey back from Australia. At 87 years young, I have plenty to be grateful for!


From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
November 25, 2012
G’day, as a Canadian, i first picked up a copy a number of years ago from a small bookshop in Invermere BC. and enjoyed use since then. Enjoying creative writing and journalling with those quiet moments to get out of one’s head loved the format…one thing I would do every year end was write a letter to self to be reviewed a year later, thus enjoying the looking forward and looking back. journalling i find is very helpful in realizing we have seasons in our lives and in in in difficult times these too will pass. last year I waited too long to get the 2012 edition and the year was not quite the same with out it!…This year really took a bit of detective work especially with the change in publisher. found nothing through chapters or Indigo, but finally connected with a smaller bookstore in Edmonton, Audrey’s books, who put me on to Self-Connection Books Calgary, Now safely in hand, as a girl friend brought the 2013 edition up this weekend, i look forward to further explorations. Cheers, Bonnie

Heidi Firth

From: Sydney, Australia
November 30, 2012
Love love love these journals! Wouldn’t want anything else!!

Margaret O.

November 29, 2012
I am very interested in The Sacred Journey its very interesting and i love to put in writing my hopes and dreams for my family and myself i write about my secret things i would like to do for my family and hope they have a happy and successful life, i also wish them long life and happiness.


From: Big Sur, CA
November 19, 2012
Cheryl, i hope i can ‘pay it forward’ so that all you do can come back to you more bountiful than the stars in a new moon night sky! I cannot express in words all that your phone call today gave me. The Sacred Journal is such an endless gift and truly shows what you put into something comes back to you ten-fold-no less, it has been such a wonderful tool in my life for the last – 10-15 years i don’t remember. year after year the continuity to chart, record, keep track of where i’ve been and where hopefully i’m tryin to go. The perspective of looking back at the end of each yearFrom:lessons hopefully learned, highs and lows that i want to remember. thank you again with all my heart for reachin out to me and connecting i look forward to continuing,
love & hugs


From: Perth, Western Australia
November 13, 2012
A long year of working with terrible depression. The Sacred Journey Daily Journal travels beside me, sometimes attended to fully, other times cast aside in the murkiness. But always it receives the pictures, the stories, the images that I want to release from within. Ever present and nearby, it has a big enough heart and spiral binding to take and take and take. Thank you……

Bonnie Salamon

From: Cleveland
November 7, 2012
The Sacred Journey calendar blesses my life, and my business, each year! I look forward to receiving it as one of my seasonal gifts. And, it is a constant reminder of all that blesses my life each day, week, month, and year! Thanks, Cheryl, for your amazing work.

Robin Owens

From: Denver, Colorado
October 28, 2012
I just received the new book with the wood covers. Wonderful! The front cover has a grain of wood that slices through the pattern in an accent I appreciate. It smells different, lovely, better…I don’t care for the green print, but that is a personal bias of mine, I’m sure if I said I’d prefer a reddish color, most other people would be “ewww.” I don’t know why the journal is being self-published again, whether the contract ran out or the publishers FOOLISHLY believed the journal wasn’t important, but I feared not having it. Brava!


From: Illinois
October 13, 2012
Every year my journal takes on a life of its own . . . some years images, some years research, some years expansion . . . a scrapbook . . . a pal to remind me about insights . . . current questions . . . a best friend . . . a gateway . . . so delighted with the experience . . . so grateful for this sacred companioning . . . Thank you!!

Sherrie Hansen

From: Saint Ansgar, Iowa
October 2, 2012
I have used the Sacred Journey as my reservation book for my Bed and Breakfast for several years and am so glad you’re continuing to publish the calendar.

Nicole Muraro

From: Park City, Utah
August 20, 2012
A few words is all I need to express my gratitude towards the author of this wonderful journal Cheryl Thiele. The Sacred Journey is a gift from her heart to all of ours. I had called her office simply to ask a question about ordering the journal for the upcoming year and to my surprise a beautiful conversation between Cheryl and myself transpired. It was evident through her kind words and loving heart that she cares deeply for the human spirit and wishes for all of God's beautiful physical forms to become enlightened through capturing our sacred thoughts and feelings within a book that we may reflect and learn from. Upon days of research on the internet, I found that there is no other journal that even compares to the one that Cheryl has beautifully manifested from her heart and soul. Thank you for continuing your efforts year after year to make this a unique and inspiring gift to all of us.

Monique Kirk

From: Austin, Texas
March 11, 2012
Much Gratitude sent your direction, as I use your amazing outline to reach the star with in my one being. I have been using this Journal since Jan.1st.2012 and it has help lead me into the direction that has opened my heart to the beautiful possibilities that Ive not allowed myself to see until now. Thank You for your talents and sharing them among the world. It was such a pleasure talking with you directly this afternoon in search for sacred journey cards, hope to find myself a copy soon.Thanks for your wise words of encouragement -helping me along my Sacred Journey to MK ∞ LOVE
Man-Kind Living One Vibrational Energy
skydancer ~ Monique Kirk

Karen Simpson

From: Derby, England
January 17, 2012
Myself and two friends have just purchased a Sacred Journey journal. We are all mothers to autistic children and get together once a week to support each other, we are going to share aspects of our journals each week as a way to support and inspire each other.


From: New York, NY
January 11, 2012
In December 2011, I gave away eight Sacred Journey journals to my nieces and three friends. Then, I went back and ordered two more; one for me and the other for another friend. I haven't even seen the inside of the journal because they come with a plastic wrapping, but somehow I just know that I like the journal. I think it's the name Sacred Journey that speaks deeply to me. I can't wait to receive my journal so that I can begin filling it with ME!!! By the way, in September 2011 I ordered the Sacred Journey cards for myself from Insight Metaphysical Book Store. I haven't opened them yet because I'm waiting to get my journal. I'll be sure to make another entry once I begin using my journal and cards. Happy 2012!!

Josie J

From: Aberdeen, Scotland
January 11, 2012
My first Sacred Journey Journal was given to me by my mum as a Christmas present, a daily journal, diary and book all in one! Very interesting and informative, so therapeutic writing down your thoughts and goals and this way you're more likely to move on and change your life with this inspiration, thank you and happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 to all!!


From: Medford, OR
January 08, 2012
This year I have committed to working with the Sacred Journey Journal and the Sacred Journey Cards. Already I am seeing small results and ah-ha moments that are working in my life. This journal leads me to a place of awareness of myself and others in my life. One of my goals for January was to practice speaking clearly what I need. I immediately got a flu virus which required that I clearly speak my needs! This goal also helped me to recognize the people who were willing to listen and assist me as well. Oh what a year of learning this has the potential of being. Thank you for this journal. Also, I love the colorful 'out of the box' pages shared by others on the journey. They are beautiful soul collage pages which touched and inspired me as I views them. Thank you!

Bonnie Blum

From: Fullerton, CA
January 06, 2012
A few years back I was shopping in a book store for a weekly calendar. I saw the only one Sacred Journey daily calendar and decided it would be fun, so I bought it. Every year I looked for another one with no success.Then, at the beginning of last year, I found only one again. I bought it. This year I couldn't find any so I decided to go to your web site to see what was there. I ordered my 2012 and you can be sure I'll be back to order my 2013 one. Thanks, I have really enjoyed using the journal calendar. It ties in real well with my Tarot cards, inspirational quotes, and gratefulness of life. Plus keeps me daily organized as well with a record for past events.

Elizabeth D.

From: Columbia, Missouri
January 06, 2012
I had never heard of The Sacred Journey until this past December while Christmas shopping, where I picked one up for my mother, who is going through a hard time in her life. After reading the introduction, and looking through the book, I decided that I would love to go on the journey with her and gifted one to myself. After filling out my 2012 goals, I'm able to see that this journal will be a huge part of my life this year. Can't wait for a year of discovery and mindfulness! Thank you for this awesome book.


From: Cornwall, UK
January 05, 2012
I have wanted a Sacred Journey journal for years, and was given one this Christmas - so blessed! I am loving seeing the images of other's pages on this website; I am creative, but get so stuck into 'staying on the lines' and only writing. To see writing in circles and stuck-in pictures, doodles and colour, has reminded me that my inner child has only just found her boots - she still has to put them on, come outside, and really splash in the puddles! It feels like this is her year! Yay! Thank you!

Sally Fenemore

From: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England
January 03, 2012
I have never written a journal or diary before. I'm not sure how I will get on, however I will persevere. I would like to begin my journal by saying that I feel good about 2012. As good as I have felt about a new year in a long time. I hope to carry this feeling throughout the year; not only for myself by for my two sons and husband who all have new goals for themselves this year. I have yet to set out definite goals for myself, but i hope this will come as I make this "Sacred Journey.”

Cheryl Galloway

From: UK
January 03, 2012
Hi Cheryl,
This is my second journal of "The Sacred Journey" and I can't wait to get started. Thank you so much for this incredible book, it's so inspiring. And, I've really enjoyed looking at the journal pages on here, they're very creative.
Kind regards,
Cheryl. xx