Guestbook Entries From 2003-2000

Christiane Côté

From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
December 31, 2003
I came across your diary for the first time at a Chapters bookstore this month and bought it on impulse. I'm glad I did - instead of having many different books for the different types of diaries I keep, here's one that will take care of everything, with room for the many clippings I also like to include in my diary entries. I like the sturdiness of it and the spiral binding. I plan to go back to the store and buy more copies for my girlfriends who are on the same path of self realization I'm on. Thanks. CC


From: Ottawa, Canada
December 29, 2003
I'm am looking forward to the new year and the journey that awaits me. I can't wait to begin writing in your journal, thank you

Autumn High Desert Wolf

From: Vancouver, WA
December 29, 2003   
Thank you for guiding me in putting my "Sacred Journey" into words. I have made the commitment to Sundance {I hope you might know what that is} any way without being there you have guided a spiritual dance. And forced me to find more meaning in everyday experience as I became mindful of meaning in the mundane as well as the profane.... thank you .... Mitakuye Oyasin (All my Relations}

Evelien van Hillo-Wolting

From: Dalen, Netherlands
December 28, 2003
It's almost 2004. I wish all readers and journey users all spiritual love possible. I'll pray for you.

Robin V

From: Kingston, ON, Canada
December 28, 2003
I am new to the "Sacred Journey" and I am looking very forward to the year ahead and completing the process. Thank you for making this journal available to us.

Chelsea Treharne

From: Portland, OR  
December 25, 2003
It is Christmas night, 2003. I purchased this book at Powell’s while looking for an appointment calendar for my new business. After opening presents I read the intro and realized I will be buying an appointment calendar after all. This book belongs on my alter not on my desk. I know this book will change my life and bring to me the ceremony I have been searching for. Thank you!

Samantha Grindlay

From: Victoria, Canada
December 17, 2003
I received this journal as a gift last year and it changed my life and gave a definite pattern of the gentle pushing of my spiritual quest. i love as well that we are creating history with these books, something to pass on to our children to help them on their path, and a little insight of their elders. Divine! I have just acquired information to send a few of these journals to my close friends, and a new one for me of course! Thank you, you can't ever stop making these!


From: Sherman Oaks, CA
December 10, 2003  
I absolutely love this journal. I have powerfully laid out my divination in the beginning of 2003 for the year! It has guided ,reminded , and kept my spiritual journey in the for front of my life!! I've celebrated the equinox,solstice, etc.....and created a powerful future for myself to remember who I am!!! Brilliant Journal/Calendar! Thank you so much........I've now found my Yearly journal......oxoxo,Marie

Mary Kay Frohock

From: Lawrence, KS
December 07, 2003    
Ahhh - The first time I saw "The Sacred Journey" I nearly passed it by. I really wasn't looking for, yet, another journal. However something about it piqued my interest, and I found myself curled up in a comfy chair, at the bookstore, thoroughly hooked. One year I lost my journal in mid-year - I looked all over for it - even advertised in the newspaper. Two years later, someone sent it back to me, with an apology, I still don't know who had it. Now I have eight copies on my bookshelf and am about to add my ninth. Thank you Cheryl, for all of the time you have put into this work, so that I can pay directed attention to the tangible, and intangible, aspects of my life! Mary Kay

Kendra Karmick

From: Fallbrook, CA
December 03, 2003  
I purchased my first Sacred Journey in December of 02. I know I will continue to purchase them from here out. I have love having a place to journal and keep track of daily life all in one place. The journal is well worn and loved. These journals and the people using them are a beautiful sign of things to come. Blessed Be

Joan M. Smith

From: Lake Havasu City, Az    
November 26, 2003
I was given a copy of you "The Sacred Journey" about a year ago. I was in the hospital and a good friend brought it to me. I thank you for producing such a wonderful and inspirational book. I have had and used "Sacred Path Card" for several years. Thank you. Joan Smith/Sage Ceramics

Sara Weaver

From: Little Falls, NY  
November 10, 2003
I received The Sacred Journey for christmas 2003 from a very inspirational friend. I have been journaling my thoughts and experiences for years. Year after year I adopt a new journal for this purpose. And at the end of each they are retired to a box that I frequently reference for new writings. For the first time I am sure that I will use the same journal next year, 2004. The Sacred Journey has appealed to me in many ways, I like that the months are broken down into daily entries, its less intimidating when I am at a loss for words. And at the same time full blank pages allow me to record my blessings, gifts, and strengths in full when my creativity is flowing rapidly. All in all I am grateful to have found a journal that is inviting and inspirational at the same time. Thank you for using your intuition to develop this journal in turn allowing me to always have my inspirations recorded close by. love and light-

Shirley MF

From: Jamaica Plain, MA
October 28, 2003    
What began as a dream for many years has finally become a reality for me. In November 2000 I began my studies to become a massage therapist; something that I have talked about doing for years. I found a school that would let me take my time and progress at my own speed, which was a blessing because it allowed me the time I needed to define my path. After two years of taking classes-extra classes as well-and working extra hours in the student clinic, I decided it was time to finally finish the last assignment that was keeping me from graduating. When I found "The Sacred Journey" in January 2003, I was struggling with whether I had truly made the right decision or not. Just doing the opening exercises helped me to know and clarify that yes, I am on the right path. And, after doing the Pathway and Butterfly Spreads, I picked my annual symbol-the Butterfly: for transformation-and that has become the symbol for my new business, which I opened in September. Although I have not been consistently writing in the journal, I have picked it up again because I know it is a wonderful way to bring clarity and help me sort out the ins and outs of my life. Thank you, Cheryl, for creating this wonderful tool.


From: Laguna Beach, CA
October 27, 2003  
Great book!


From: Fair Oaks, CA  
August 19, 2003
I am a first-time user of the Sacred Journey's Daily Journal, something I only discovered in mid 2003. It has become such a wonderful part of my life now that I plan to purchase another one for well as additional copies for my three daughters and several close friends for the holidays this year. Thanks for sharing your gift!!

Shirley Sell

From: Sedona, AZ
June 23, 2003   
I've been using the Sacred Journey calendar for several years and just love it. I not only note my spiritual practices from A Course In Miracles each day, but also paste special greeting cards that I receive throughout the year in it. It's a great way to remember meaningful correspondence. The card spread at the Equinox and Solstice are just great and keep me on track with insights and energies from the spread. I'm so grateful that you decided to share this journal with the world. Thank you! I've also recommended it to many friends. Shirley

Liz Morgan

From: Laurel, MD
June 05, 2003   
Do you still lead holistic workshops or have notes from the original workshop ? I attend a meditation group in DC once a month. We are always looking for new material. Liz

Sarah Austin

From: Rosendale, NY
June 02, 2003  
My journal now serves as an appendage. I don't go anywhere without it.

Sherry Dial

From: Ft. Pierce, FL
May 12, 2003    
The Sacred Journey Journal information came to me through my journaling group at Yahoo! Praises Be!! The format is most detailed and I appreciate the guidance and direction through using it. It is very goal oriented journal and I look forward to the 2004 Sacred Journey Journal. I thought it most interesting this last week, when I came across a beautiful spiral bracelet.......of course, I purchased it! Thank you soooooo much! Love & Blessings, Sherry


From: Canterbury, Kent, England
April 06, 2003
Its been a really great help, to me for putting down all my thoughts ideas, visions and dreams. Thank you for making my life a lot easier and inspring me to continue on my spritual parth. I hope you contine to make may more books to inspire others like me. All the best for the feautchure. Ignore me if i spell wrong i have dyslexia. From an English Earth Angel to a wonderful guide.

Luci Penn

From: Hildenborough, Kent, UK
March 25, 2003
My mum bought three copies of the Journal for all her daughters(/in-law) but she didn't get one for herself and has regretted it ever since. Am buying her one now (March) as it is the best present I had for Christmas and has been of real use to me. Will become a regular annual purchase!


From: Newark, CA
March 03, 2003  
I'm in a 12 step program. And that is where I have found my spirituality. A man in the program which is connected to spirit came across these cards and each time he walked by them they just kept calling out to him that these are for Sharon. His path is not the Native Path and we were not close friends their was a connection of Spirit, He got me those cards. I had been doing the medicine cards for quite a while than, The gift of the Scared Path Cards has been a gift that can not be expressed in words. I have found so much of who I am, the world has just opened up to me, since I've been working with them. The journal has been in inspiration in keeping me in touch with spirit.


From: London, UK
February 01, 2003
So glad I found this journal, it has helped me to reshape my life. I just wish it was more widely available in the UK - maybe next year?

Janette Kidd

From: Stronachie, Perthshire, UK
January 27, 2003
I used the Journal last year and got a lot out of it, but forgot about making sure I got one for this year. I'm bereft! Looking forward to my 2003 one arriving and getting back into it. Thank you Cheryl.


From: Dewsbury, UK
January 13, 2003
My Sacred Journey Journal has just arrived today and I have read the Introduction and how to use the journal. I feel I am on a journey already - to discovering myself and to developing those gifts given to me by a higher power. Already I know that the journal will be a regular purchase for each year in my future.

Robin Hughey

From: Little Rock, AR
January 06, 2003  
I got the Sacred Journey as a Christmas gift from a very good friend of mine. I keep journals on a pretty regular basis. But this is not like any journal I have ever kept. It is better!!!!!I am only a few weeks into it but all is going well and i will let you know how it is going.

Sherri Dawn

From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 04, 2003
I would just like to thank you for this wonderful journal, It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I am a recovering addict and have used my journal to document my new life. For years I had tried unsuccessfully to keep something of a journal, until I received "The Sacred Journey" as a gift. In it I have told my story, my fears, and my triumphs in recovery, and truly believe that it helps keep me on my spiritual path through this life. Thank you from the depths of my soul. Sherri

Heather K Ward

From: Hyde, near Manchester, UK
January 02, 2003
I was introduced to The Sacred Journey journal last year, and it made a profound impact on my life. It motivated me to make a note of all my daily card readings, to make more of an effort in getting my life in order and making sense of who I am. I use my copy of The Sacred Journal to keep track of my daily card readings and self-treatments (I am a Reiki Master-Teacher) as well as any psychic or mystical experiences I have. I also confide in the journal, more so than I do anywhere else. It supported me as I fell sick, helped me as I got better, aided me when family and friends passed on, picked me up when I was down ... I have gone through many changes in the last year and through it all The Sacred Journey has been by my side. It has kept me warm, kept me sane, kept me company -- something no ordinary journal could ever hope to accomplish. I am a Witch, and as 2003 begins I find myself High Priestess in a coven; as my life goes through these changes I know my Sacred Journal will travel with me. It never expects too much or too little, never taunts or bitches or complains, never criticises or challenges. To the journal, I'm not too weak or too strong, too young or too old, too experienced or inexperienced. I am simply allowed to be me, and that is a precious gift. Thank you for creating such a wonderful journal. It is an exquisite gift to the world, one which I hope will continue to thrive and aid all who need it. Bright Blessings to you.

Sarah Joy Boldison

From: near Bristol, UK
January 02, 2003
i have been given this helpful journal by a dear friend and am hopeful it will be a silent guide to enable me to tackle my issues around excess. at this moment i am stepping out on this journey with hope and love and will stay connected during 2003.


From: Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, ON, Canada
December 31, 2002
I just recently discovered these journals at Chapters! I am very impressed with the setup and topics outlined in the journal. I am looking forward to putting it to use in the New year, I believe it will be very helpful in my healing path. I also bought two additional ones for two special friends. I am sure that they will enjoy these amazing journals as well.


From: Cambridge, ON, Canada
December 28, 2002
A writer, and soul-searcher, a dream chaser and a woman, I am always looking for a new way to express myself. This holiday season, my fiance gave me The Sacred Journey and I fell in love with it. This unique journal will be perfect for the space I'm in now, and will carry me through my year of changes and studies. You see, I have decided to turn my life upside down, give it a good hard shake, see what falls out, and then keep, alter and discard what is necessary. And this transformation will touch all aspects of my life from the personal and intimate to the financial and my career - everything! And here is this beautiful book designed to help me stay on track. Thank you!


From: Rochester, NY
December 28, 2002    
I found The Sacred Journey in our local pagan/wiccan store. I fell in love with it on sight, but since my journaling attempts have been sporadic at best, I could not justify buying it for myself. So, I purchased it with the intention of sending to a friend for her birthday gift. Her birthday has came and went and needless to say, the journal did not get sent. Today I broke the celophane wrapper and acknowledged that this was indeed meant for me all along. Had I just listened to my inner voice to begin with it certainly would have been a lot simpler.

Lori Sweet

From: Odessa, Ont, Canada
December 27, 2002
I wasn't even looking for a journal, but for a new calendar. The title, "The Sacred Journey" caught my eye. I went back to the store 3 times for various things and there were only 2 journals left. On my fourth visit I told myself that if there were 2 journals left again, it was a sign that I was meant to buy them for my business partner and myself. Sure enough they were there. My business partner was thrilled. She already had a journal that she used but this one seemed to resonate with both of us. We teach techniques for personal empowerment and are looking forward to using this journal in our daily lives and recommending it to our family, friends and clients. Thank you for being an example of what can happen when you persevere and live your inspiration from the heart.


From: Renton, WA
December 27, 2002    
I went looking for a date book to keep dates for a couple of organizations to which I belong. I didn't find the one I used last year and had the choices narrowed down to two, but neither one felt like I wanted to leave it behind. Then the young lady in the store showed me the Sacred Journey in an area of the store I hadn't looked (they keep it with journals rather than calendars). I looked it over and left the other two and bought the Sacred Journey! (Later on, I did purchase one of the others for keeping the organization dates--Sacred Journal is for PERSONAL use!) I used to journal faithfully, but when I found that my husband had been reading my journal (which I felt was VERY personal!), I felt so violated I have had trouble keeping a journal ever since...and it's been YEARS (I'm now single!)! I'm looking forward to using this book to get me back into the habit of regular writing AND keeping track of goals! THANK YOU!

Pat Crutcher

From: Fort Bragg, CA
December 24, 2002    
I found your book The Sacred Journey in a book store in Mendocino, Ca. Very excited about the journey. Thanks, Pat

Cinde Stewart Freeman

From: Nashville, TN   
December 24, 2002
I have been using the Sacred Journal since 2000 so this will be my fourth book. I love having a place that acknowledges the shapes and textures of a woman's life. In an overly busy work, this journal helps me live inside my body, present to my life. Thank you!

Veronica Piastuch

From: Albq, NM   
December 06, 2002
I love what I am reading in this book. I have been on a spiritual journey for the better part of my 49 years on this planet and i love to journal. Working with my words helps my paintings to be born. I am very excited to find this book as it is who I am and how I live my life. Thank you for putting this into physical existence Ms. Thiele. 2003 promises to be even better with this lovely journal.

Helen Dodds

From: Gateshead, UK
December 05, 2002
Thank you for providing the tool to enable me to seek my inner self. I find your Journal inspires my creativity and organises me at the same time! I am about to embark on a journey, the journey to myself...

Herli Vigil

From: El Paso, TX  
December 02, 2002
My new sister-in-law, Sonnie, turned me on to this beautiful way to journal. It's an excellent tool for those who do not know where or how to begin. Thank you.

Cat Lambert

From: Sacramento, CA   
December 01, 2002
I love my sacred journey for the calendar and the journal! This will be my fourth year using it to keep my crazy life organized. Every christmas I choose one special person I think would benefit from the strength and guidance this book provides, and give them one. I write my deepest thoughts in my journal, as well as my daily affairs. I always look forward to sitting down with my journal and reflecting. It is a great tool for personal growth. Thank you for the sacred journey, I cherish mine every year!


From: Shakopee, MN
November 27, 2002    
This will be my 3rd journal--thank you so much for such an inspiring book!


From: Morgantown, WV  
November 27, 2002I liked this book and symbol so much I got it tatooed on the top of my foot

Carol Blumberg

From: Los Osos, CA    
November 26, 2002
This is the fourth year I've used the Journal and the third year I've ordered it for Peggy, my sister. It has become a tradition at Christmas to give her The Sacred Journey. We both treasure it.

Evelyn Whitney Foster, M.S.W.

From: Ellsworth, ME    
November 25, 2002
My own sacred journey has been made much more vibrant to me by use of the journal and calendar. This year I'm planning to use it with some special clients in my psychotherapy practice. Thank you!


From: Columbia, SC
October 30, 2002  
I was looking for attractive guestbook ideas and I came across yours in Google. Nice work!

Blythe Dolores

From: Portland, OR    
July 29, 2002
I am grateful for Cheryl's kindness! I have been using the Sacred Journey Journal's for 2 years. I carry it with me everywhere and place all my thoughts, dreams, responsibilities and life information into it. This journal has helped me become an organized being, finally. Unfortunately a few months ago, my roommate tossed out my journal, which was in a bag. I reacted very emotionally to the loss of my journal. I read the higher message that linked myself with my roommate. But, still felt deep sorrow that I was without my journal. I wrote Cheryl an email with my story, then ordered a new journal. Cheryl was so gracious to call me to let me know that even though all the 2002 journals had been sold, she would send me one of the copies she was keeping for historian purposes, and she sent it at no charge. She just applied my money towards the 2003 Sacred Journey Journal. This was such an act of kindness, that i will not forget. I will think of the blessing that Cheryl is, each time I open my journal. Namaste


From: Denver, CO
June 26, 2002   
i'm working in my 2nd "sacred journey" journal... and have to admit i didn't do a good job of writing in it last year. but the journal was so appealing i had to try it again. i bought both the "sacred path" cards, and the "medicine cards" and i use my journal to record my work with them and with my tarot decks. the categories in the journal are very helpful in focusing me when i'm not able to focus myself; and there simply aren't words to express the usefulness of 'blessings, gifts & strengths' each week. even if i don't write them, i'm reminded to be grateful for them. i've been keeping a journal for 30+ years, and recently started keeping more than one at a time. this is one of my favorites, and i hope it'll continue to be published forever - i'm hooked! thank you so much... blessed be


From: Austria, Europe
May 20, 2002
During my stay in California in 1998/99 I found the “Sacred Journey Journal” at Mothers Market in Irvine. I loved it’s natural style and so it just caught my attention. I just had to have it - without actually knowing what (incredible journal) I bought! And, yes … I started journaling and it has become my companion since then. At first I was having problems to fill the weeks, sometimes I didn’t even write for months and now – oh well, I wish I would have more room to put my thinking into inking – smile! The “Sacred Journey Journal” helped me through a lot of changes. It helped me to trust myself, my instincts, my intuition. I wrote down my thoughts, my dreams, my feelings that often used to confuse me. And after a tough life-challenge I sat down and started to read in my “past-years-Sacred-Journey-Journals” and … EVERYTHING WAS already THERE! I just didn’t trust in what I sensed, I was not ready to see and really understand with my consciousness what I’ve been writing – but I did when I was strong enough to deal with it. Thank You, Cheryl, for shipping out this very special Journal to Austria! It keeps alive my connection to California and hopefully I will have the chance to pick it up there in person soon! Last Christmas my friend from Idaho sent me a little box with affirmation-cards and almost everyday (at least I try!) I draw one card and write down the affirmation in my Journal. So, I will draw a card for all of you who read this and if you want, write it down in your Sacred Journey Journal: Enjoy! “MY LIFE IS AN EXCITING TIME - I WILL FULLY ENJOY IT!”  

Jen Toal

From: Sacramento, CA   
May 12, 2002
I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this journal/datebook. The last year and a half has been really hard for me -- I've been on disability and have had 5 surgeries so far with one more to go. My clinical depression has .... blossomed beyond my wildest dreams. (No sarcasm there, aye?) My days run together and sometimes I get panic attacks at the thought of leaving my front door. This journal has saved me more than once. I keep a running short-hand of what happens each day, which helps me to separate the days from each other. And having the 'Blessings, Gifts, & Strengths' pages for each week..... Well, they are a constant reminder to be grateful for the little things, and the not so little ones. Being grateful has always been my key to happiness. Thank you so much for creating this amazing journal. The only suggestion I would make for future editions would be a few blank or lined pages in the back for notes, etc. Thank you again.

Jordan Hughes

From: Sydney, NSW, Australia
April 04, 2002
My Sacred Journey Diary is my reminder of my own journey. Not that of my friends, or my partner, or my family, but my very own unique path. I write in at least seven different journals - i have one for my daily thoughts, tasks and notes, another for artwork and painting, another for creative writing, and another for cooking, and one I am recording my engagement in. add to that all my photo albums! But my Sacred Journey journal is the highest and most honoured of them all, I keep if for divine reflection and remembering my inner self, my guides, my path and my place in the universe.

Michelle Holden

From: Manchester,  England
February 11, 2002
Last year in july my dad died after having cancer for just six months, ever since I have felt that I have started on a new life path because my dad was my mentor, now I am learning to do this for myself for the first time. I discovered your daily journal in kindred spirit magazine and knew straight away it was for me. Even though I started the journal in February I think it is great and I now know which direction I am going in. I use the celtic druid animal cards instead, it's great, THANKS!


From: Portsmouth, Hants, England
February 04, 2002
I was given my journal for christmas, and i must say I love it! I get great enjoyment writing things down in it. I used to keep diaries as a young girl, but they were never big enough for all I wanted to say! I also use it as a kind of dream journal, I write them down so I can remember them! I feel so attached to this book already, and it is already benefiting me - I can see how I am progressing, already, and it is SO inspirational! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a beautiful thing!

Marwa Khatib

From: Mississauga, Canada
January 13, 2002
I am writing a speech on how writing is good for the soul, and that it calms it. After reading everyones comments i have been able to successfully complete it. I myself have many journals and find them to truly help me and calm me down. Thanks!

Aurora Diaz

From: Ventura, CA
January 05, 2002   
I enjoy your Journal, it helps to focus on what you truly want to manifest, and how to express it. Gets your creative juices flowing. I have tried Journaling before with no success, I have no structure and didn’t know where or how to begin, this helps me put things into perspective in a organized way. So i can follow my progress. Blessings...

Lynn Yocum

From: Venetia, PA  
January 04, 2002
I'm a new user interested in examples from others of how they use the various sections.


From: Loveland, Co
January 01, 2002  
i am proud to be the first entry for the new year... yesterday i was pouring over your book and journal and filled with gratitude for such a wonderful structure to help guide me in my inner growth, focusing me again on going inward instead of outward in my goals... ha ha I actually have several editions from past years as well, but it is like new everytime i begin a new one for each new year, it is also nice to be encouraged to stop and review this last year before i jump into my planning... so much can happen in one year... any way... thanks!!!

Krista McAllister

From: Monrovia, CA  
January 01, 2002
I found The Sacred Journey at Vroman's, an independent bookstore in Pasadena. After reading the back cover (it was shrink wrapped) I quickly bought it even though I have little money. I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. I had been looking for a way to motivate myself to try keeping a journal as a way of trying to heal myself. Thank you for creating The Sacred Journal. I was up reading this New Year's morning and suddenly remembered the book. I got it out and happily started writing in it. Thanks again, Krista.

Maya León

From: Bozeman, MT   
December 25, 2001
I am a 16 year old foreign exchange student who is from the place indicated above and am now living in Germany for one year. I received the Sacred Journey journal as a Christmas present from my mom yesterday. Being a foreign exchange student isn't always the easiest thing despite how much you learn from it in the end, and I had been feeling very strongly in the past months that what my life goals are were not being fulfilled. My mom sent me this journal to help me in finding and taking hold of the things that I really want to make of my life. The minute I unwrapped this I had a good feeling about it. I can't wait for January 1st to begin! I know that this is going to help me greatly in my satisfaction of my life!! Thanks!

Shirley Sell

From: Eau Claire, WI  
December 21, 2001
I've been journalling for 20 years. When I turned forty I went to a journal retreat to review the last 40 years and find a better plan for the next 40...and I've been working that plan ever since. In 2002 I turn 60. Someone sent me The Sacred Journey Journal for Christmas this year. I opened it early and promptly ordered 2 more for friends and 2 blank books for myself along with a 2001 edition to review this year before I begin the next. Thank you Cheryl, for this wonderful tool. I'm looking forward to using it to enhance and record my sacred journey.

Karyla Gaines

From: Charleston, SC   
December 20, 2001
Dear Cheryl: I discovered your journal at a Carolyn Myss workshop in NJ in 1997. Through the layout of the journal, you were able to prompt me, and guide me through some very difficult times. My journaling has lead me to change careers and find my life's calling. I am now an acupuncturist and couldn't be happier with my new life. I thank you for your creative spirit, which, I am certain, has inspired many to find a life they can call their own.

Marilyn Fischer

From: Simpsonville, Ky
December 19, 2001  
I was guided to the bottom shelf in a cute little I am so excited about my great find ........THE SACRED JOURNEY! I have started journaling, but can't wait until Jan 1, so I can dig right in. I called today and ordered 4 to give them as gifts to friends. Let the journey begin!!!!!


From: Leeds, England
December 06, 2001
I saw your Daily Journal advertised in Kindred Spirit magazine - and immediately thought - 'that's for me!' I have kept a five-year diary for over twenty years now, but your Journal will replace that! I am looking forward to January 1st so I can begin using it! When the Journal arrived, I was so impressed, I have ordered more of them for Christmas presents, for friends and family. I shall be purchasing one each year from now on! Thank you for your beautiful Journal - using it will make each day a little more special. Much love and Many Blessings to you. Jo xxxxxx

Robin D. Owens

From: Denver, CO  
September 09, 2001
My first journal was the one in 1997. It has been the primary recording tool of my life, particulary of my writing career. I have tried to include most of the senses in it's pages, dropping oil or candlewax or perfume for scent, feathers (or right now my cat is dropping hair on it) for texture. I love the book even though I practice tarot instead of the Sacred Path cards. And I am very pleased to say that this year, after 8 years of writing, I have included the many thrills of having my book purchased by Berkley. Thanks for the one spot where I can keep notes on how wonderful this year has been--notes of talks with my editor, the first cover art, the good reviews... It will be a treasure for me for the rest of my life.

Catherine Brown

From: Denver, CO  
September 06, 2001
My sister has been using your journal for years. I am ordering one for MY OWN birthday as a gift for myself! And I am looking forward to my journal with it in hand. Thanks in advance!

Michelle Miller

From: Austin, TX    
January 22, 2001
Thanks Cheryl! I was introduced to your journal in 1996 at a bookstore in Virginia Beach. (Heritage Bookstore) and as fate would have it I ended up in Laguna Beach at Mother's Market in Jan of 1999 the day you were signing! They really help me organize my life's path. I haven't been able to embrace the cards but I am going to make an effort this year! Thanks for making journaling so much fun!


From: Keys, FL  
January 04, 2001
This is my third year using The Sacred Journey and I really find it an inspiration and tool for growth. It is a great "journey" and "journal" for the soul! I recommend it to anyone wanting to creatively organize their lives and priorities. Thanks Cheryl, for your hard work!

Chris Bentley

From: Murfreesboro, Tn
December 30, 2000  
I am a Recreation and Leisure Services major. My two areas of emphasis for my major are Outdoor Recreation and Therapeutic Recreation. I have always been intrigued by the ways of nature and the Native Americans. I am an outdoors person that recognizes the changes in small things that later lead to bigger issues that involve all of us in everyday life. I received my sacred journal for Christmas this year. I am hoping that it will open my eyes to new experiences and interpretations that I have not been influenced by before.

Kate Sterling

From: Denver, CO  
December 28, 2000
My friend and sister, H., gave me my first Sacred Journey Daily Journal last year (it is the year 2000 one), and this year I got to return the gifting by getting her a 2001 Daily Journal. I love the focus that working with the journal brings to my life. It always helps to remind me of what is truly important in my life. It helps me create the time and space to reflect, to grow, to learn and to increase my self-awareness as well as the awareness of those about me. Thanks for doing such great work in the world.

Sandra Wiederstein

From: Garden City, KS
December 26, 2000  
I have been blessed by The Sacred Journey for the past four years and cannot imagine a year without it. Do all the good you can, in all the ways you can, to all the people you can, in all the places you can, for as long as you can. Happy New Year

Lori Fagundes

From: Mountain View, CA    
December 24, 2000
I bought "The Sacred Journey 2001" at my neighborhood "Wild Oats" grocery and goodies store. I can't wait for the new millennium to come so I can begin to use it! Thank you for producing such a wonderful year-book. Peace be with you.

Liz Daly

December 23, 2000
From: Manhattan Beach, CA    
I was so blessed to "come upon" this most incredible journal upon a journey to seek out the perfect calendar/journal for our transformational 2001. As the Universe would have it...I found the perfect Journal...thank you, thank you and thank you...I am a Reiki Master and plan to use this tool for a Journal of personal aspects and a calendar of beloved client appointment tracking. Love and Light...Liz and her canine spiritual partner, Smoke, the beloved Australian Shepherd...

Donna Brusuelas

From: Garden Grove, CA
December 19, 2000  
I found you journal at the Bodhi Tree in LA. As I read your introduction I realized that I had just bought Jamie Sams latest book; it all tied together which seems to happen a lot lately.

Karen Burns Thiessen

From: Minden, NV
December 13, 2000   
I found your journal in the Silver Sage bookstore in Reno, as I was awaiting a meeting with Tu Bears to begin the journey to my vision quest in 2001. Thank you for such a beautiful gift. The perfect journal to begin the journey. Blessings. I am sending one to my best friend Elaine today.

Mary J. Davis

From: Marina, CA
November 26, 2000  
Have found The Sacred Journey to be a true work of love and art. It has helped me gain insight. Thank you, Cheryl.

Mike R.

From: Laguna Beach, CA
November 14, 2000  
This book has really helped me out!