Guestbook Entries From 2005-2004


From: Pell City, AL
December 31, 2005    
I have had this journal lying around for a few months now. I saw it in September and forgot about it when I went away to DC on a 3 month Business Trip. When i began unpacking all my boxes - we moved while i was away - the book found me again. I just now took the plastic off of it and was glancing through it. I am very excited to work through this journal. I used to journal every day when I hit bottom but i have made my way out of the bottom and working to the top so sometimes it is hard to write. SO this gives me a chance to just write a few words every day - I wont use it as a engagement calendar but as a place to record just a few minutes every day. Thank you for this wonderful journal.

Racheal Lee

From: Fremantle, WA   AUS
December 30, 2005
I have just received my 2006 journal from a friend and cannot wait to find out more about myself and the way I see, interpret and think on life. Thank you for this gift.


From: London, UK
December 30, 2005
having just received the Sacred Journey 2006 Journal for my birthday-I am already finding it very intriguing! I cannot wait until the 1st January to start using looks great!

R. Higgerson

From: Market Harborough, UK
December 22, 2005
Thank you Just a short message to document that I have found the 2005 Sacred Journey journal of real help to me through out the year. Like Tracy Lee from London I have tried to record the positive elements in my life and put into perspective every day working pressures and stresses. The journal is excellent to record the ‘Real you’ and helps to plan your improvements possible in every day life. It must be good as I have purchased 2006 already for my wife to wrap up, as a Christmas present. Good luck to all new readers of this book.


From: Tavistock, ON, Canada
December 21, 2005
I want to thank for producing the Sacred Journey Journal. I especially like the plainer cover of the 2006 journal which allowed me to take time and colour in the symbols represented. I haven't coloured with pencil crayons since my childhood years; it was so relaxing to just sit and colour while think about the inner depth of these symbols. Thank you! I'd love to see more of this type of art - just waiting for my version of colour!

Sandra Kay Culbert

From: San Diego, CA  
December 07, 2005
Thank You... Cheryl This is my 8th year with you and my journaling. I have learned a lot about myself and have grown thru my Sacred Journey! Looking forward to a great 2006! Sending LOVE to you!

Ayanna Serwaa

From: London, England
December 06, 2005
I received this journal as a Kwanzaa gift last year. I thought I would only use it occasionally, but i have found that tasks, dreams, appointments all seem to be written down and I refer to it on a daily basis. I have grown to acknowledge how vitally important the 'sacred journey' is in my life, particularly the quarterly spiral spread' that really does it for me. I am trying to find a UK outlet now which stocks the journal, as it is slowly creeping towards the end of the year. I am looking forward to doing the winter solstice spread and really cannot see myself without a copy for 2006!

Yvonne Stoltenberg

From: Laguna, NM
December 02, 2005  
I love this journal. I have always had trouble journaling. My desire was true but my persistence, well left much to be desired. I stumbled onto this book in Nov. 2004, I had never seen it before or heard of it but I was so drawn to it. I could hardly wait to start. I was distressed when I looked for 2006, all year where I first bought 2005 and could never find it. So I'm ordering it from a bookstore. That way they pay shipping.  I did not know when I bought 2005 in Nov. 2004 that one month later I would lose my Dad. I was taking care of him in my home when he passed quietly from this life to the next. Needless to say, this was a devastating blow for me. This journal, though I spent much time mourning and ill for the next 6 months, kept me going. I'm still mourning and somehow I think I always will on some level or other. Learning to say Goodbye and letting go is much harder than I ever expected but is necessary. I love and appreciate you and your book.

Sandra I Ramirez

From: Wallington, NJ    
December 02, 2005
I have been keeping a journal in my computer to help with the stress of work and study and write down my thoughts and feelings, an agenda in my PDA for what I have to do, and a meditation/prayer book for some time now. It never occurred to me how much more sense it would make to keep it all together so I can really keep track of my doings, thoughts, feelings and spiritual life. I can't wait to start using it!

Sian Toner

From: Portstewart, Northern Ireland
November 24, 2005
I was recently in a book shop in town and looking for a diary for the new year. Now i was looking for a simple date diary, my head is like a seive and i need to write everything down, to keep record of meetings and such. However I found the The Sacred Journey and it is so much more. It will give me a chance to develop personally and help me to find my path in life. I feel that so many people are floating around the world with nothing to hold them down and i think that this diary alone could help so many people. Therefore so many peoples christmas presents this year are sorted!!!! Thank you so much, Mwah!


From: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
November 22, 2005
I received the 2005 Sacred Journey journal as a Christmas gift from a very good friend of mine. I haven't kept a journal in years. This year has been a very difficult year for me on a variety of levels, and the journal has helped me get through some pretty painful experiences. And it's helped me remember who I am and what's important. The Sacred Journey Journal has been a Godsend for me. And I intend to tell as many people as I can about it! Thank You so much.

Karen Carter

From: Plymouth, NH
November 22, 2005
i wrote in my journal everyday. i used it as my inspiration in my writing aspects. i have a tough job, in a prison, and to come home and unload in my journal was what got my through the next day. thank you very much for the inspirational aspects of the journal.


From: Old Orchard Beach, ME
November 18, 2005
I was making my wedding invitations, using a box of round paper clips I had picked up during a school shopping trip. I realized that I only had 24 left and needed 63! So, I searched the net and what a find to come across your wonderful e-store. I'm sure I'll find a lot more "can't live without" items. Thanks.

Debra Jones

From: Toronto, ON, Canada
November 16, 2005
I saw your 2006 Journal on the shelf today. It called out to me and I am now it's owner. The timing for my owning this journal is impeccable. I am embarking on my holistic career path and was looking for an appointment book but this one is so much more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It's perfect.


November 11, 2005
I just bought The Sacred Journey 2006. I had never heard of it. But when I saw this, I just HAD to buy it. I'm so much looking forward starting the new year: I can hardly wait to start with this special journal! I'm already sure this will not be the first time I'll buy and use this very special journal. Thanks for creating something so beautiful and inspirational!!!

Christiane Van Hout

From: Winchester, VA
November 08, 2005
Cheryl, Again, the Universe send me a gift. How fortunate that my order did not arrive or I would not have had the wonderful experience of talking with you over the phone. The Sacred Journey diary is a work of love and a great inspirational tool in my own journey of self-discovery. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift. Christiane


From: London, UK
April 22, 2005
One of my closest friends, Chris, bought me the 2005 version for Christmas. I don't usually write in a diary or make entries in a journal on a regular basis, and didn't pick it up until half way through January. It was then that I realized what a lovely gift it is. I felt very calm as I was reading the introduction and then I began writing in it. I have made a conscious effort to only write positive things in my journal. I have a habit of concentrating on negative thoughts and dwelling on them, and so to now have a book which records the positive, lovely stuff in my life is wonderful. It serves to remind me that I have many things to be thankful for and happy about. Everybody's sacred journey is unique, but I hope that each of you, in some way, finds yours as useful and/or beautiful as I have. I wish you all well, and send you love and hugs.

Christina Arthur-Davis

From: London, UK
April 09, 2005
I just purchased the Daily Journal and I am looking forward to using it!


From: Rio Rancho, NM
February 12, 2005    
I have journaled for years and continue to do so in conjunction with the sacred journey. It is new to me this year but when I saw it I knew it was for me. It has added a new dimension to my spiritual work and it is helping me to see the patterns in my life and in the guidance I receive. Thank you for such a wonderful tool to look into my Self - I know this is something I will do for many years to come. Much gratitude and many blessings.


From: Newark, DE
January 20, 2005   
The Sacred Journey journal is exactly what I was looking for! It's just the amount of structure I need to take my journaling to the next step. This is my first year with the Sacred Journey, but I noticed from the pictures online that it used to have lined pages. Thank you so much for switching to unlined! It makes a huge difference to me to be able to vary the size of my handwriting, or doodle, or paste in photos or tarot images. Thank you!

Linda Hunter

From: Gonzales, TX
January 09, 2005   
I found the Sacred Journal a few days before 2005, ordered it, and eagerly received it Jan.8. I've done journal writing for's been my friend, my center, my returning place. I wish I had found your journal in 1995, but I'm thrilled to begin using it on your 10th anniversary. I've used the Sacred Path cards for several years and look forward to combining them with the Sacred Journey. Thank you for your creative vision.

Elena Morales-Toller

From: Carlsbad, CA
January 07, 2005   
Cheryl I started on my journey about a year and a half ago. Fortunately my daughter is a Sales Rep and knew I would LOVE to have this journal. I am so grateful. Peace and Joy, Elena

Luisa Cadiz

From: San Jose, Costa Rica
January 06, 2005
I went to one of my favorite bookstores and as soon as I step into the store, the symbol called me and I felt a strong thing in my body...I realize this could be what I have been looking for since long ago, now, every day, I take some time to remind me why I am here and I am trying to convince myself this could be a better year..... I really hope so... thanks for making me feel I am not the only one that needs to share her thoughts with a secret friend, the sacred journal... thanks a lot for making the path..... Peace!!!


From: Burlington, VT
January 05, 2005  
I just found this wonderful treasure yesterday and spent hours reading and writing from my heart and soul. It is a wonderful little book of magic.


From: Nashville, TN    
December 31, 2004
I was lucky enough to find The Sacred Journey the first year that it was available for publication and I have used it ever since. Although the journal has given me many, many gifts, I believe that the true richness and depth of this 'friend' has come from actually seeing the spiral in the patterns of my life. For that, I am truly grateful and ever thankful to its creatress for sharing her gift with us.


From: Courtice, Ontario, Canada
November 21, 2004
I just purchased The Sacred Journey for myself and my best friend, I thought it was such a wonderful idea, that i just had to share it with my best friend. I can't wait until i can get started. Thank-you

Peta Horn

From: Johannesburg, RSA
November 21, 2004
Self Love has begun to grow out of the garden of my life's journey! This was my Insight for September 2004. Just a hint at how I have begun to explore my life's journey of my soul. This whole year has been about Journey...I'm going on a journey's started....yes way back in South Africa...I began my own company called Virago Consulting in January this year and next year March we are hosting a women's retreat about the journey. This is how much your work has inspired me. I plan to introduce the ladies to journaling, symbols, and beginning their own journey. Many women in SA are very locked into themselves. They still feel they have to ask their husbands for permission to have their own time. We still look to the men in our lives for affirmations and identity. WOW! So, I just wanted to share my story with you and love I have for your beautiful product. Love Peta Horn

Sandra Kay Culbert

From: San Diego, CA
November 16, 2004  
Hello Cheryl, I just ordered my new journal. This will be the 7th year and I still LOVE journaling! It has helped me to discover my inner self and to become whole! Thank you for your efforts; for us. Keep up the good work; it keeps getting better!!

Traci Kretzschmar

From: Johannesburg, South Africa
October 04, 2004
I happened to come across a copy of the 2004 journal at the back of a shelf of notebooks in one of our local bookstores. I fell in love with it immediately - it's exactly the type of journal I would put together for myself (if I had the time). Thank you for this wonderful creation. It is an inspiration and really makes you spend time appreciating the little things in life which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Cindi Kiss

From: Bethlehem, PA  
October 03, 2004
thank you for what I've been searching for, for a great many years and am very grateful that you have filled this void. I'm hoping you have 2004 in stock and would like to practice for the coming year with it. Would it be possible to contact a couple people from your guest book maybe set-up an e-pal listing.

Marjan Fase

From: Breukelen, Netherlands
September 11, 2004
The Sacred Journey is a wonderful journey. I have bought edition 2005 and I can't wait to begin in it!! Blessed Be.

Anne I. Bent

From: Guelph Twp., On, Canada
May 19, 2004
My son bought the 2004 Sacred Journey journal in August. But he never got to write one word in it. He died of brain cancer Sep. 29. 2003 at home at 8.57PM. I am using the journal now and it gives me some comfort to write about him and of how I feel.


From: Brampton, ON, Canada
April 07, 2004
I'm dying to get my hands on the 2004 edition, is there any way I can do that?

Silvia Diaz

From: Boston, MA
March 19, 2004  
I recently found out about your calendar from the pomegranate web site. I have tried everything to find one, and I am so sorry to have discovered they are all sold out. It appears to be a wonderful creation and I celebrate this accomplishment. If you have any ideas on who may still have one for sale, I would be interested, otherwise I will plan to order the 2005 in July. Thank you for your assistance.


From: Croydon, UK
March 08, 2004
I came across The Sacred Journey in October 2003, I had been looking for a birthday gift for a very dear friend (who has everything)and for whom it was proving difficult to choose a present. Like all my other teachers, this book entered my life in a very quiet way. That day I bought 2 copies of the 'Journey' intending to give one to my friend for her birthday and the other to another friend, whose birthday was the following month. I never did part with the second copy. I used it in the month of December to reflect on the previous 11 months. What a joy and a blessing its teachings are to me now, as I begin to use it, its meaning, clarification and understanding enfold and lift me up to another level of communication with my inner self. Cheryl Thiele, thank you for the love. Blessings and love back to you.

Cindy Gillick

From: Poulsbo, WA
February 20, 2004  
I found a copy of this amazing transformative tool one day after a counseling session. I bought it as a gift to myself. It has been very interesting to see my path light up with the focused awareness that journaling this way has brought. I have been using this just since the first week of January this year and I am feeling like a different person in just a few short weeks. Getting to know the soul this body shares is so rewarding. I appreciate the work you have done to create this wonderful tool that can bring enlightenment to many. Thank you!!


From: Hayward, CA
January 31, 2004    
The Sacred Journey is a one of a kind! Just opening and reading the introduction gave me inspiration and how to focus on my own self growth. I was not able to use the planner part but was able to use the rest of the journal. The Sacred Journey due to the fact it was a year off. My mother gave it to me a little too late. Now I am in search for the year 2004! It was as if the universe knew it was time for me to focus on me and grow within myself.

Sherry Dial

From: Ft. Pierce, FL
January 16, 2004  
Cheryl.....just to thank you so sincerely for making this special journal available! This is only my 2nd year to use this journal, and there are no words, really, to describe the depths of soul learnings this is bringing to me as I journal daily.

Rev. Patti Dershem

From: Burbank, CA
January 16, 2004  
The Sacred Journey Journal is awesome.

Jan Kristie

From: Sacramento, CA   
January 09, 2004
Thank you, Cheryl, for your giveaway of "The Sacred Journey" to all of us. In January of 2002, my dear friend and I drove to San Francisco to walk the Labyrinth in Grace Cathedral (a long-held dream). Afterwards, I found one copy of The Sacred Journey in their bookstore. As my friend already had her own journal technique, I happily bought it for myself. What a gift! By the year's end I was stunned to see how many wonderful things manifested in my life--many far beyond my yearly and monthly goals. The 2003 Sacred Journey brought its own blessings; most of "my" goals didn't manifest, but instead I received bigger gifts and healings that would've seemed impossible to me one year ago. 2004 is just starting, and I plan to deepen my work with The Sacred Journey. Your generous collaboration with Jamie Sams is a perfect match of two systems which makes me appreciate both of you even more. Many blessings to you! Mitakuye Oyasin!

Sam L

From: Denver, CO
January 05, 2004    
I received "The Sacred Journey" from a dear friend who has helped me over this past year to find my own journey. This is a great way to record my thoughts, experiences, blessings and the wonderful journey thru the next year. Special thanks to my friend...and to you.