Guestbook Entries From 2007-2006

Diane Devlin

From: Edinburgh Scotland
December 31, 2007
This last day of 2007 Hogmany auld years night - I am in the country Kelso in the Scottish borders with my dear friends and feel blessed. In gratitude to the wonderful Sacred Journal which has been my companion this year bought in Totnes Devon on the 2nd January. Its the first year of sacred journaling in this way for me and its been a hard road with pain and loss and grief.. moving home leaving a relationship but finally coming home to myself with the help of the journal and my process with good friends and family. God bless and Happy New Year to one and all. Diane


From: Laguna Beach, CA
December 30, 2007
I had the privilege of seeing Bonnie Raitt perform at the close of 2006, one more time. This entire year, something she said stuck with me:
Religion is for people who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is for people who've been there. May you find faith and grace on your journey into 2008.


From: Portland, OR
December 30, 2007
Hello, the 2008 Sacred Journey is my first of this wonderful book. I've attempted journaling off and on over the years but never with any regularity. Does anyone have any examples for how goals are to be written? I've read the commentary on page 22 of SJ but am still at a bit of a loss. Thank you! Steph


From: West Yorkshire, England
December 30, 2007
I asked my family for the Sacred Journey Journal for Christmas and was so pleased when I got it. Have started to write in it already and it really makes you think. I am really looking forward to this journey, to writing a little each day, adding pictures and drawings and my poems etc. What a fabulous journal. Thank you so much. Wish me luck on my journey and good luck to all who are busy starting their own journal out there!


From: Aurora, Ontario
December 29, 2007
This is my first step to discovering and understanding the inner Kym.


From: England
December 29, 2007
I came across your Sacred Journey Journal some weeks ago as I had been looking for a fun way of journaling my journey. As we approach the new year, I've started writing down my Heart Calling and Credo. It's strange how much it has really made me think. Just wanted to say thank you for creating the journal - I look forward to using it daily throughout 2008.


From: Somerset, England
December 27, 2007
I came across The Sacred Journey in Glastonbury and just had to buy it. This has been an awful year for me, everything has gone wrong, and I have developed a terrible phobia and depression. have started writing bits in my journal already (goals...etc...) and already I have a possitive outlook for the new year. I really believe this will help me so much.



From: Canada
December 26, 2007
I am twenty years old and have kept a journal for nine years now, and just received The Sacred Journey for Christmas. Journaling has helped me to deal with my depression that I have been dealing with for six years, and I am looking very forward to a productive, intuitive, inspiring, fulfilling year, with the help of this special journal. I am hoping it will keep a positive, spiritual spin on my journaling, as I tend to be very negative with my entries. It is an outlet, however I am now beginning to see how it can not only help me cope, but move forward as well, (something I seem to be having trouble with). Wish me luck! And thank you, for creating something that I am hopeful will change my life.

Gina Awad

From: Devon, UK
December 26, 2007
I would like to add how uplifted I feel having discovered the Sacred Journey. I stumbled across it a couple of years ago in Totnes in Devon and used it in 2006 but for some reason didn’t get one in 2007. here i am with it yet again having ordered it as a xmas pressie from my mum. Ive begun to fill in some of the beginning sections and will continue to reflect and work with the book throughout the year. it keeps me inspired and reflecting on my continuing journey and i wish everyone who is fortunate enough to have discovered it to grow in peace and harmony in this age of aquarius. here's to 2008

Ursula Leofseige

From: Tring
December 22, 2007
I was in Aylesbury buying a calender for next year when a 2008 S.J Journal caught my eye on the nearby shelf. I hope this very intriguing diary/journal will help me to progress in the many ways it had done for others. I hope to take it abroad and into a new career for myself as I can now finally make in depth entries and keep tabs on day to day arrangements and addresses!

Maria Spillane

From: Sutton, Surrey, UK
December 20, 2007
I just bought my first 2008 journal it looked almost sacred i had to have it. It is put together beautifully an inspiration in it self. Thank you for a wonderful gift.


From: England
December 19, 2007
I've recently brought 2008 edition of The Sacred Journey Daily Journal and decided to give it a try. Have been journalling for about 5 years now. The process is on and off. I found the morning pages stated in the Artist's way, very tedious, boring and stressful. Would you want to do 3 A4 size pages every single morning. Hope using The Sacred Journey will make things more fun and insightful. I'm in the process of preparing My Heart Calling, My Credo, Symbolism, Goals, Circles, etc in time for the new year. All these are too much to done in single day and made notes because the things mentioned required a lot of thinking and hey this my first Sacred Journey journal. I hope the it will wonderful and exciting journey and tell what I make of it when the year come full circle. Maybe on Chinese New Year, my birthday and the end of 2008.

Niki Perkins

From: Melbourne, FL
November 30, 2007
I found "The Sacred Journey" Journal 2 years ago at a bookstore in Cassadega, FL. It was recommended to me by a medium who had just given me a reading. It has been a wonderful way for me to document my thoughts and dreams. I am an artist who is in constant need of release. Whether it be in drawing, painting, writing or just doodling. This journal lets me do all those things and reflect back on them throughout the year.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Cheryl directly on the phone today and I just wanted to thank her for helping so many people with the use of journaling in their lives. It is so therapeutic! And I can't wait to receive my journey cards too! I think they will be great!

Sonjai Reynolds-Cooper

From: Cheverly, Maryland
November 16, 2007
I found “The Sacred Journey" journal while browsing in my favorite bookstore in Grenada two years ago. I am still hanging on to my 2006 edition. While I have always appreciated the value in journaling, I have not always found the time. The Sacred Journey has made it so much easier and it is truly a "journal for the soul." I am determined to fill every page of the journal this year and to share it with many more friends. Incidentally, the journal's cycles and rhythms notations helped me select the appropriate date for my new home blessing ceremony AND to document the blessings that began that day. Thank you so much for making it easy to obtain my 2008 edition.

Monika Chestnut

From: London, Ontario, Canada November 07, 2007
Just wanted to say that I picked up the 2008 Sacred Journey Daily Journal. I'm a first time user and am looking forward to using it very much.

Jackie L

From: Originally California, reside upstate New York
October 21, 2007
Many Blessings Cheryl, God bless your mom, before leaving California, in 1998 or '99, she told me about your endeavors. She is proud of you. I had been in upstate New York since 2000. A friend and I were browsing a bookstore, I spotted your Sacred Journey. I bought one for my friend. She in turn bought one for me. I told my friend I met you and knew your mom, and am honored. I am looking forward in purchasing the 2008 edition of The Sacred Journey.
Jackie L

Paula Binks

From: St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England
October 18, 2007
I bought your journal for a friend last year from a local bookstore not fully realising its value! My friend has been enthusing all year and I am now determined to buy one for myself for 2008!

Gabriel Kingsley

From: N. Syracuse, NY
October 17, 2007
I found The Sacred Journey journal/datebook when I was looking for regular date book and had to buy both! I just couldn't put it down. I am truly looking forward to utilizing The Sacred Journey as much as possible and then some.
Thank you for such a great teaching tool.


From: United Kingdom
October 14, 2007
I have only recently found your wonderful journals and they fill me with delight. Thank you for the gift.

Sarah B.

From: Costa Rica
October 05, 2007
Thank you for the bookmarks! They are lovely and graceful. I have some for me and lots for Christmas presents.


October 04, 2007
I love The Sacred Journey!!! I feel so blessed by the universe to have it as a sanctuary to nourish my creativity and bring me closer to my inner wisdom.

Alessandro Ferullo

From: UK
September 24, 2007
I love this journal and find it immensely inspiring, lovely, and comforting...


From: The Netherlands
September 21, 2007
Today I bought the Sacred Journey journal for 2008. I am really looking forward to use it. The design is very attractive and brings a flow of inspiration. For the next months I will work with the ideas. BB Serena

Mary Anderson

From: Aliso Viejo, CA
September 05, 2007
Just wanted to let you know how powerful The Sacred Journey Cards have been for me in only a short time. I have used several other spiritual card decks over the past 17 years as meditative and learning tools, but these with their beautiful symbols and lovely holding box are a delightful, self-contained inspirational method for increasing one's daily practice in a beautiful and concise way.

The first spread I did resolved issues that had been lingering for the past 2 years. I am, therefore, happy, grateful and contented with where my life is now. The cards are also a catalyst for making me creative--an added bonus!

Thank you, Cheryl, for your on-going hard work to lead others back to themselves on our Sacred Journeys.

Pam Steelhammer

August 19, 2007
many thanks and please continue.
blessings and peace be with you.

Allison Beeby

From: London, UK
August 02, 2007
Since I started writing in my journal, I have taken the time each day to reflect upon what has passed and plan for what is to come. Life has become more focussed and reviewing each month end reminds me what is important and where my focus should be. Thank you for the Journal - it's amazing that something so simple can remind us not to lose sight of what's important.

Jeanette Hambleton

From: Dublin, CA
July 10, 2007
This sounds wonderful. Found out about you from a Sisterwoman friend.

Ana Conjure

May 12, 2007
I really find it valuable especially in appreciating every moment!

Johanna Klapper

May 12, 2007
I work with this awesome book every day and I can't say enough blessings and thank-you's for publishing it. I'd love to get information about its publishing in the next years and to hear of others using it, too.

Trish Scarlett

May 07, 2007
I bought the Sacred Journal for the first time to begin in 2007. I didn’t open it until the end of April the reason I'm un-sure about. Since beginning it I have discovered that I am on a journey. My journey began with Reiki 1 it continued with Reiki 2 and still continues, I now keep a daily journal about my development. Thank you.


April 18, 2007
Such a great Journal I write in it every night and would not leave anywhere without it. A friend of mine had one last year and this year we bought each other the new one. And I have continued to recommend it to everyone that asks about it? Thank you kindly for your creation.


April 15, 2007
I am looking forward to my own sacred journey in 2008. This journal is one of a kind! Keep up the wonderful work!


From: Dublin, Ireland
April 14, 2007
Hi- Over the last year I have started to journal and at the end of last year a good friend of mine saw The Sacred Journal and bought it for me. She had no idea what it was and thought that it was "just a diary"! She gave it to me and as it was sealed closed I put it away until New Years Day. I had never heard of it before. So on New Years morning I sat in my bed and opened the Journal, needless to say I spent many hours reading through it. Luckily we were planning to have a quiet day! I loved it! It has opened up so many things for me in particular the spiritual side of my life which was non-existent. It introduced me to Angel Cards and Divination cards etc. which are now part of my day to day life as is writing in my journal. I tried to locate one for my friend however, could not do so and I would like to get a 2008 edition for myself (of course) and for my good buddy who unknowingly bought a Journal for me that was to change my life so much. Many thanks for the pleasure and peace your Journal has brought to my life.


April 13, 2007
I missed out on the 2007 journal due to life circumstances and I'm so sad. However, I don't want to ever miss out again! It's a wonderful journal!


April 10, 2007
I was intrigued with your journal, and knew that it was something I needed spiritually for myself so as a gift to myself I bought it while Christmas shopping for my family. I have been in school for the past 2 years working on my teacher certification while holding down a full time job and caring for a family. Because of my course work and student teaching obligations, I literally did not have the time or energy to invest in this new experience of journaling and reflecting on my life until now after my student teaching and college coursework was complete (March). I am looking forward to investing some time to reflect on my inner thoughts and needs. Please let me know when your 2008 journal is released.


March 30, 2007
I discovered the Sacred Journey journal this year (late last year) and am absolutely loving the 'journey.' Working with and developing this journal has helped me reconnect to aspects of my spiritual journey that I'd neglected for too long. Thank you for this wonderful 'tool' and I look forward to many more years of journalling ahead. (Please be sure to add me to your email list! I must have the '08 journal!)


March 29, 2007
I really enjoyed The Sacred Journey for 2005. I was using it when I got called up to go to Iraq, and I stopped using it for a while, but looking back I've learned a lot and have been able to grow. I hope to get a copy of the 2007 journal, even though it's so late, and I'll be on the lookout for the 2008 journal. And maybe I'll get a couple for friends and family as well.


From: West Yorkshire, England
March 29, 2007
I stumbled upon the Sacred Journey Journal in my local Waterstones book shop at the end of 2005, and so bought the 2006 copy, vowing to commit to writing in it everyday. I have bought journals before but always ceased writing in them after a couple of months. This journal however was different. Due to the fantastic way it is compiled I found that writing in it was a wonderful evolving journey of discovery. At each equinox and solstice I have done the spiral reading and found the insights I have gained to be extremely helpful and accurate. I have had more than a few 'lightbulb' moments! I have also used the blank pages for creative collages which have helped me to gain a new perspective on certain issues in my life. Guess what? I continued to write in the Journal all year, and was so pleased at the end of the year to have a record of my growth and evolution. Needless to say I bought another one for 2007, and am enjoying having the sanctuary of the journal to record my deepest hopes, dreams and fears. Caro.


March 03, 2007
I so enjoyed using your journal in 2006, and definitely want to put my name down for a journal in 2008. With the help of your journal I was able to chart a path for myself that was more aware of my spirit and I am greatly interested in growing toward a more spirit-led life. With great thanks.


March 02, 2007
I love this journal! I have been using it as a kind of treasure map & scrapbooking. I have been using the 12 powers of man as my monthly symbols. Of course, as we know, you always get what you ask for..and so far I have had experiences with Power, Love and now Strength. My only suggestion might be to have more space to journal. I am using the blank pages for images, daily word readings, so there's not much room for journalling. Thanks so much for this blessing and guide to my soul journey. Blessings, Eydie

Lil DeConsuelo Izquierdo López

From: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
February 25, 2007
Received the Sacred Journey from a friend of my daughter in Oakland, Ca. whom I had met. We immediately communicated and she sent me a truly lovely gift. Everyday a new day begins, the sun rises and greets us: Every day is A New Beginning!


February 19, 2007
Definitely a fan -- Really enjoy using The Sacred Journey. I've never before been successful at keeping a journal.


February 15, 2007
Ms. Thiele - I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for creating The Sacred Journey.  I bought them at Christmastime from  I got one for each of my best friends and one for myself.
We are finding it to be one of our most loved spiritual tools.  You have included EVERY single thing we could think of and then some.  I would like to suggest a pocket somewhere in it (maybe the back cover) that could hold printed out papers or stuff we'd like to save.  That is the ONLY suggestion of improvement I could make and that's just because I know we shove print outs in ours.
I hope you are blessed and prosperous!!!  You should be.  You blessed us greatly!!!!!!


February 07, 2007

Roxana Deleasey

From: Dorset, England
January 12, 2007
I discovered 'The Sacred Journey' whilst shopping a few weeks before christmas with my husband. And after the year we had just had money being almost non existent, and three children to buy presents for, I said to my husband I know we cant afford presents this year but please can I just have this journal - it is all I want for christmas and nothing else matters. I later mentioned to my best friend that no matter what I had to get one of these journals as it just seemed so apt for me right now in my life and it was exactly what I was looking for although I didn’t even know it existed! Knowing me so well she said you better not buy it yourself as someone will buy it for you - meaning either my husband or herself. Great I thought!

A few days before Christmas no more had been mentioned and my husband hadn’t had any money so I knew he didn’t have it already i returned to the stall in the shopping mall and couldn’t see any on the shelf, so asked the gentleman who in return told me they had sold out. I was so upset and so desperately wanted it and didn’t know where else to go. Christmas came and went and I was very poorly and didn’t think of it till the day before new years eve. My best friend came over to have a buffet and celebrate the day we all missed due to being poorly.

It came up in conversation and my husband said he thought my friend was buying it and vice versa so no one brought it, but he had seen it in another town on Christmas eve. my best friend got me straight in the car and drove me there and we put our pennies together and ran into the shopping mall where again the gentleman said he had sold out. I asked him if there was anyway in the world he could get me a copy and he said well I can’t promise but I’m almost positive there is a damaged copy in the stock room and if you can come back in half an hour I will go and get it for you. I said the damage didn’t matter and I would take it regardless as it would be authentic and just simply magic to have one. Sure enough he produced a copy with only the back missing! Ecstatic! I've know started my journal and the beginning of my new life! Thank you so much xxx


From: Ottawa, Canada
January 08, 2007
Just stumbled upon the journal this year and hubby got it for me for Christmas. I am enjoying learning how to use it. I always vow to keep a journal but after a couple of days I get sidetracked, perhaps with this one I will stay on the path. Love the format.

Linda Derrick

From: Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada
January 06, 2007
I found one of the last journals at a chapters in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I showed it to a friend and she was so taken with it that I spent most of January 3 trying to find another. I still don't believe I found the last one to be had in the city on a discount table at the only other chapters in our area. I guess she was meant to have one. We spent the day today pulling card from our favourite decks for the twelve months of the year. We made it part of our usual yearly ritual and readings for the coming year. We both use the Goddess card and pulled one card as symbol for each month. We also use the Revelation Tarot and pulled twelve cards from that as well... awesome results.

Linda Derrick

From: Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada
January 06, 2007
Hi There: I just discovered your journal this year. I have journaled for a number of years on and off. Creative journal, spiritual journals etc. I love the format of yours. It combines so may aspects that are a regular part of my life, the journey, setting goals, being creative,the search for the essential person and what the heart calls to me as an individual. Thank you...I am looking forward to making this a regular part of my day for years to come.

Sharon Toes

From: Sheffield, United Kingdom
January 05, 2007
My wonderful husband gave me my first ever copy of 'The Sacred Journey' journal for Christmas, as i was reading the explanations of what the journal was about excitement started to stir within me that i haven't felt for a very long time and i realised that this was just what i have been waiting for and that my husband is very much in tune with me and always manages to find the right present that will inspire me and help me achieve my full potential which i know The Sacred Journey will do. I would like to thank you both from deep within my heart for this wonderful gift. Angel blessings to every one throughout the world for 2007. Happy Journaling

Carin' Bocskay

January 04, 2007
I am so grateful for this beautiful little journal!!! As I shared with you about 3 years ago, it helped me get through cancer 2x; the 2nd X being the most aggressive. It helped me go through betrayal at the end of the 2nd round of treatment & subsequent divorce. It has guided me through an incredible healing journey & I can't express my gratitude enough!
With love & light, Carin'

Savannah Williams

From: South Africa
January 03, 2007
This is my first Sacred Journey journal and I am so excited at my find. I have been on a sabbatical for two years, attending lots of different courses, doing huge amounts of reading and actually discovered 'journalling' whilst doing Julia Cameron's 12-week course "The Artists Way". Cheryl, you and your associates should be very proud of this amazing product. It is going to help me and no doubt, thousands of others. PLEASE put me on the mailing list for a 2008 journal. Love, light and angel blessings. Savannah


January 02, 2007
I love the "tracking" of life in the Sacred Journey journal.


January 01, 2007
i journal a lot and found this journal on a trip to oregon and knew this was what i needed to start off the new year right. i would love to be added to the mailing list for future info about the sacred journey. i liked the journal so much that i got one for my best friend for xmas. he bet me that he is going to write more than me! great way to write up a storm. thanks sooooo much for this gift.


From: Tempe, Arizona
January 01, 2007
I bought my 1st Sacred Journey [2007] just today, Jan.1st. so looking forward to what the new year will bring to all of us on this planet!!


January 01, 2007
I’d like to be added to your email list. This is my first year with this journal. I saw it at Borders when I was in the checkout line and decided to take a I go! Thanks for a great's to a year of journaling and change. Thank you.


From: Pennsylvania
January 01, 2007
This is my first journal and just reading the back cover sold me back in Sept. on a frequent trip to Borders. I look forward to my journey.


January 01, 2007
Very pleased to find something that is meaningful.


January 01, 2007
Have to admit I'm disappointed that the 2007 is sold out, but not surprised!! I have searched several bookstores in town, and they have had trouble getting it. I will contact your publisher, and will try to doctor up a generic journal/calendar for use in the meantime. I loved using The Sacred Journey this past year. I don't think I would have come to several realizations without its unique format. Thank you.

Laurie Riley

January 01, 2007
I got your date book about two years ago. I've not seen anything that comes close to it since then. I'll have to remember to shop early next year. It's such a great date book. Just amazing. Thank you so much for coming out with something so much-needed. I am bummed it sold out already, yet I think it's pretty great it's sold out.


January 01, 2007
i journal a lot and found this journal on a trip to oregon and knew this was what i needed to start off the new year right. i would love to be added to the mailing list for future info about the sacred journey. i liked the journal so much that i got one for my best friend for xmas. he bet me that he is going to write more than me! great way to write up a storm. thanks sooooo much for this gift.


From: Scotland
December 31, 2006
I discovered this journal in Borders (Glasgow) I soon as I saw it I knew this was what i have been looking for, it will guide me and help choose the correct path. Not sure what to do exactly with choice of symbolism. I do not want to choose just anything and although have tarot cards i do not want to use - I have fairy oracle cards which I think may more suited to me as I love fairies - the images conjure up different thoughts and feelings, shall i just choose 12 cards from this that i feel will be best attributed to each month? How will i use this? Or should i mix and match the 12 art deco symbols at bottom of page? So many questions and yet so excited... it is only 1 hour into 2007 and I itching to write in my new special journal but feel scared as once pen touches it may be spoilt.... (oh I showed my mum this journal and she wanted one for her xmas - so she has one too!)

K. Spanier

December 31, 2006
I was fortunate to get the 2007 edition and am just planning to use it now. I love the format Cheryl, and will definitely want one each year from now on!
K. Spanier

Elisse Tan

December 30, 2006
Just bought the 2007 book, and new instantly that this is what I've been waiting for .. thank you!!

Mary Jane Adams

December 29, 2006
This is my first year to use the Sacred Journey. thank you!

Cheryl Weeden

December 29, 2006
I love this journal. I am in Holistic Health. I want to give everyone I know one. It helps to keep not only my appointments but my thoughts in order. I use it in my Energy, Angel, Healing Arts practice. I was very disappointed I could not get the 2007 Edition. I was hoping to get one for each of my students. Keep up the marvelous work. Blessings to you Forever and Ever, Cheryl Weeden (White Swan)


From: Canada
December 28, 2006
Hello~Could you please let me know when the 2008 "journey journal" is distributed...They're hard to get outside the U.S. so I'd like to be on top of it for next year so I don't miss out again! Thanks so much!


Becci Farmery

December 28, 2006
i am sure at this time of year that you get an influx of emails from people who have received the sacred journey as a christmas gift. i am one of the many, very eager to start writing. i don’t think the person who has given me the gift realizes how perfect it was. There are so many thoughts, feelings that i have kept to myself, not knowing how to express what it is. currently i am very dissatisfied with life and i am unsure as to my reasons why. i have a great family, good friends, an AMAZING mother yet, i feel empty. i need something to put all these amazing things into perspective in front of me. sometimes the hang ups you have have been there for so long, there are so many of them that you cannot see they are there, then you learn to live with them. i don’t believe in religion but what i do believe is that there is a balance, for every bit of good, there is a bit of bad. this may have sounded like a confusing message, but its what came out. i hope to keep in touch as my journal progresses although i think i have been writing what's needed to go in it for the past four years...thank you in advance for an amazing gift.


December 27, 2006
I have been using TSJ for years and this year I can't find a copy anywhere!  I know you are sold out, but can you PLEASE tell me if there's anywhere in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa or Minnesota (I have already treid my MI connections) where I might call and see if they still have a copy for sale?  I know distributors are out of them.  It sounds crazy, but I really need one!


December 27, 2006
as always, thank you for sharing your knowledge and kindness, you have changed my life, for the best i'm sure !! thanx, tina


From: Canada
December 27, 2006
This is my first year with the journal. I am looking forward to the 2008 edition. Please put me on your list for the 2008 edition. Thank you.


December 26, 2006
I cannot find a copy of this book anywhere and have been unable to find it for several years, and...your site is sold out, any chance of it coming back in and soon...I haven't had it since 2003, and truly miss it. Please let me know as soon as possible. Barnes & Noble does not have it and neither does Borders in my area. Thank You...Love & Light


From: New Brunswick, Canada
December 26, 2006
I received "The Sacred Journey" as a Christmas present, after seeing it in a store and finding myself drawn to it. I knew just by browsing through it that this book is something special. I can hardly wait to ring in 2007 and begin using it to help transform my life! I am suffering from a multitude of health problems, fears, anxieties and depression, and I have hardly any direction in my life right now, even though I have been studying to become an actress. I found some Healing Cards of my mother's by Christiane Northrup and plan to use them as the Equinox references and spiral pages inspiration. Thank you for creating such a wonderful guide and tool for those of us who have no where to go but up. For sure I will update you on my progress. Good luck to everyone else about to embark on 2007 and the journey we all share within "The Sacred Journey”! Your friend from Atlantic Canada, Amy


From: Brighton, UK
December 23, 2006
Hello! I love your journal with a passion and want to thank you for sharing it. I so, so want to share the magic with my sister (who gave me my first copy last year) in 2007, but know that I am running out of time!! I am based in Brighton in the UK and the journal takes 4-6 weeks to arrive from Amazon. That'll be a bit too late for 2007 so I was so hoping that you might send me details of other stock lists - I tried Borders here but to no avail. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you a very happy festive season. With love and light xxx

Maree McKenna

From: Australia
December 20, 2006
I have just received The Sacred Journey as a secret santa gift from work. I actually had a sense of deja vu as I opened the parcel. I love this journal already even though I've only skimmed through it. I look forward to using it daily and feel already inspired. Thank you, Warm Regards


From: New Malden, London, England
December 18, 2006
2007 will be a very important year for me as I will be 30 years old. (I am not married or no have kids). I am also going traveling around Europe on my own for 2 months and when I come back I am going back to study at uni (I can't wait). The last 6 months I have been getting my life back in some kind of order. During this time I realized how unhappy was feeling with my life. For the first time in 10 years i am looking forward tomorrow, next week and next year. One day looking at all the books in my local borders (Kingston) I found the 'The Sacred Journey' journal and knew straight away this was a sign!! Thank you, you are my spiritual guidance for 2007.


From: Bay Area, California
December 17, 2006
Because I have a passion for writing. Also, in 2007, I am venturing on my spiritual path into Buddhism. Here, with The Sacred Journey, I can combine it all up in one book. Plus, it's flexible enough to be tailored to any belief. Simply put, it's awesome!!! I've shared it w/ good friends of mine..and they instantly loved it as well. Thank you for such an inspirational, useful tool. I can't hardly wait to ring in the new year so I can start using it daily!

Nicola Bird

December 16, 2006
Hey there, bought the journal from Waterstones, how amazing, when buying a diary for a new year I spend my time looking around and buying one that catches my eye and none do so I make do with a cheap one. This one is so amazing, just what I need right now in my journey. Thank you

Sharon McGill

From: Calne, Wiltshire
November 14, 2006
Please can we have some Sacred Journey workshops in Wiltshire or can you send me info on how to start my own. Cheers me deers.

Sharon McGill

From: Calne, Wiltshire
November 14, 2006
Working with The Sacred Journey more than six years!
I bought the Sacred Journey 2007 yesterday and was totally inspired. I am approaching the re-take of my wiccan 3rd degree and I really feel this brilliant book was meant for me, to use, to grow and, hopefully, inspire others. I told my friend about the Sacred Journey and she is going to get one as well....well done!!!

Nicola Robertson

From: Australia
November 13, 2006
I found The Sacred Journey in July this year, even though it was half way through the year. I just had to have it. I love journaling and this was the best one I had ever seen. I was thinking that I would use it in 2007 as I already had a diary, but I couldn't wait. I have been drawing around the symbols every day as a practise as well and I love it. It is helping me realise my dreams and awakening in me, new visions. Thanks. I have just found a place in Sydney where I can buy a 2007 copy.


From: Johannesburg, South Africa
August 25, 2006
I am so excited! I saw the 2007 journal at a bookstore last week and, as there were only 3 couldn't wait for pay day (today) to go and buy one! I was there at lunch time today and now have my 2007 journal - I could almost wish away the rest of 2006 so that I can start using it... Already I am inspired just by reading the guest book.
Love and Light

Paola Roulet

From: Guatemala
July 15, 2006
Hello, i have the sacred journey of 2006 and i find so interesting stuff and i love, is so inspiring and peaceful, well i am from guatemala and i hope find the 2007 journey i love to know all the new stuff you bring out, news, etc. thank´s and good luck¡!


From: Northern Ireland
June 22, 2006
I think year book is amazing as it has helped me project my feelings day to day on paper, i now have somewhere to record my journeys during meditations, and the monthly review is fantastic. I love the fact that you have incorporating your ideas to give us a head start, it has also helped with my card readings as i think more as i write. A huge thank you xxxx

Lucy Corkhill

From: Brighton, Sussex, UK
May 30, 2006
My wonderful and wise sister gave me my beloved Sacred Journey journal for Christmas and it has been a valued companion so far throughout this year. It has enabled me to plan and realize my dreams, to find focus and clarity and to remind myself of the joy of the everyday. Writing and thinking introspectively is a great pleasure for me and allows me to grow into a better, kinder and happier person - I feel so much more positive when I have written my gratitudes. I am grateful today to Cheryl for her generous gift to people across the globe - what a radiant star she is!

Edie Weinstein-Moser

From: Dublin, PA
May 30, 2006
My friend Georgetta gave me the journal and it has been positively life changing! I have kept journals since I was in my early teens (I'm 47 now), but have never experienced anything quite like this one. As an interfaith minister, I love ritual and the guidance that your book offers has helped me create powerful rituals. I'm also a professional writer and it gives me a place to spontaneously create from my heart's desires. You are definitely a 'hollow reed' for Spirit in the creation of this journal. I know that when the 2007 version becomes available, I will order some as gifts! Namaste' Edie


From: Wales
May 30, 2006
The first of The Sacred Journey Daily Journal For Your Soul that I have ever had and I love it very much.

Patsy Tacker

From: Belmont, NH
May 22, 2006
I received this lovely, evocative journal for Christmas. I had seen it on the shelf at Borders, and upon a cursory flipping through, thought, "That looks interesting, but day books just don't work for me. As it has happened,the design and guidance for reflecting has compelled me to delve into my journey as never before. In the small space for each day I record what I call "the bones" of my life experience - just a few sentences that will ever call up the quality of that day. On March 20th I did my first spiral spread, using the Motherpeace deck. What an amazing and informative experience! The best part of it was your guidance to "harvest" my accomplishments from the first quarter of this year. I love this clarifying tool for keeping up with myself. Thanks ever so much for the soul-full Inspiration of your craft. I shall share it widely.


From: Victoria, BC, Canada
May 21, 2006
It's allowing me to look at myself from a more empowering view point- especially since the energy of the Journal is so positive and affirmative of the warrior within. Treating I as sacred, and all life sacred.

Vicky J.C.

February 25, 2006
Now two months into the (sacred) journal writing experience, and already I am not only calm and relaxed each night before sleeping after pouring out my day onto the page of my journal, but am also more focused on the challenges of my life, and reflecting back on them and learning more. A truly great gift for any dear friend, or for yourself. I will be making a ritual of seeking out a new journal every year. Thank you and keep writing x

September Taylor

From: Bloomington, IN
February 11, 2006
I adore my journal! It not only helped me to remember how important writing is to me after a long absence from my creative mind, i also gave me insight on how enjoyable and helpful spiritual growth is to my everyday life. Thank you so much! You are a gift from Great Spirit Herself!!!

Anjie Camens

From: Adelaide, SA, Australia
February 10, 2006
I was given the sacred journey journal book today for my birthday and have to say from the moment i saw it i love it, i look forward to creating, sharing, remembering this year and watching my journey progress. I have created Solaz Guidance Cards which help inspire and uplift people. I will be using these card in collaboration with this wonderful book. Thank you to the wonderful creator!

Dana Renae

From: Campbell, CA
February 07, 2006
I love my journal!!!

Lisa Claire

From: Amersham, Buckinghamshire, UK
January 27, 2006
My friend told me about the sacred journey journal and i hunted high and low for one, i inquired in a local book shop and the lady in there told me she had been given one by her sister for christmas and she would be happy to sell it to me as she didn't think she'd use it, what a coincidence!! so yesterday i collected it and it's lovely. I intend to sit in peace when the kids are in bed and write until my hearts content - bliss!!

Victoria Collett

From: London, UK
January 24, 2006
I purchased the journal for my boyfriend late last year and have been watching it sitting by its self since the beginning of the year. Eventually I had had enough and said can I have the journal seeing as you are not using it. He said yes and the rest is history, it was obviously meant for me and not him after all. I am now reading and writing each day, and am inspired each time.

Kate Running

From: Tolar, TX
January 22, 2006
The 2006 Sacred Journey Journal is my first, but will definitely NOT be my last!!! The format is wonderful, allowing me to combine my personal favorite cards of 12 years- Medicine/Sacred Path, with clippings, drawings, personal expression. Now, I have ONE journal instead of 4 that I keep yearly. I love the sturdy cover, heavy paper, and large spiral binding. This journal should stand up to lots of travel and use, glues and fountain pen inks. Thank you for sharing this marvelous tool of self-discovery!!!!! I will get the 2007 journal as soon as it is available.


From: Aston, PA
January 22, 2006
I found this journal in Oct' 05. The cover art is beautiful, plus the paper is recycled and is written in soy-based inks! I could hardly wait the 3 mos. to begin. I have a problem writing in pretty books, but this one made me think, "I can do this!" I have to say the intro intimidated & overwhelmed me. In this Guest Book I have found other approaches to inspire me. I appreciate your creativity and your dedication, Cheryl. Namaste


From: Roanoke, VA
January 20, 2006
I was racing through the mall on my lunch break and was caught by this journal/calendar sitting in the shadows on the bottom shelf of the display. I am not a journal keeper, or I have not been in the past. I don't know yet why I bought the journal, but this has already proved to be a year of changes. I've never seen this journal before, and I'm very happy to have found it now.

Sue Dancer

From: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
January 17, 2006
My first Sacred Journey Journal was given to me by a friend while I was living in England then then next year we could not find one anywhere and no-one seemed to know about them. I tried to contact the publisher with no success. Then happy happy this year I found that Oxfam in Brisbane had one on in the store - yeah and I have requested that they get them in every year. I felt lost for the last couple of years without my journal as it helps me focus and I can track things a lot more easily during the year. Yeah for Cheryl for coming up with something so precious - it is the perfect addition to my Book of Shadows.


From: Idaho Falls, ID
January 08, 2006
I found The Sacred Journey journal/date book while visiting my daughter in Chicago in August. I had no idea that I was supposed to have it but as I read the introduction and notes, I knew this was what I was supposed to use this year...and in the years to come, perhaps. I have used Mother Peace cards off and on but plan to do more work with cards in conjunction with journaling. Thank you so much, Cheryl and all others who worked to make this journal a reality and available.

Fenne Kieken

From: Calgary, AB, Canada
January 07, 2006
Thank you for the Sacred Journey journal, truly an inspiring work and a gift I give to my soul. I have given this gift to friends and it has inspired them and they treasure it as much as I. Thank you for making this available - It will a lifelong purchase. I am in awe of this gift you have given us all. Thank you.

Diane J.

From: Tracy, CA
January 06, 2006
I'm so excited that I found this journal. I've tried keeping journals in the past, but never seemed to be able to keep writing. This format is perfect to me, as it gives me some structure and ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. The best part is the spirituality incorporated into the journaling, it's just perfect for me. Thank you, I will be buying one for my sister very soon. -Diane


From: Devon, UK
January 04, 2006
I have just purchased this journal from the bookshop at Dartington Cider Press Centre I hope this will be useful for people wanting to purchase the book in the UK. Really looking forward to getting started.


From: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
January 03, 2006
I was in Bangkok, Thailand for my honeymoon in December 2005. I walked in a bookshop in one of the malls in the city of Bangkok, looking for a journal for my new life, then i came across the Sacred Journey, i am frequent journal keeper since 2003. The Sacred Journey was a my present to myself for the new year, its the best to structure my life, thoughts, plans, priorities and so much more. I am excited and looking forward for my new found journey keeping, perfect timing for my life. Cheryl be blessed.

Angela Anderson

From: Whitehorse, YT Canada
January 02, 2006
Hi, I love the format, concepts and perspective in the sacred journey, it brings us back to what is important when thinking of time - the journey. The only comment I have is more around function - it would be nice to have a book marker or tabs for each month. Thank you for offering this book, it truly is lovely.


From: Seattle, Washington
January 01, 2006
The morning is blustery here in the Northwest and the day has been spent exploring and writing in my new journal while sipping tea by the fire. I could not think of a better way to usher in 2006.

Keri Copcutt

From: Dundas, ON, Canada
January 01, 2006
Hi!!! My husband actually found the journal while we were on a date day browsing though Chapters Book Store. Having just finished a lengthly lunch discussing personal and family goals for the coming year it seemed very appropriate. I am looking forward to the journey although I do feel a little bit overwhelmed by the introduction. I am sure that once I am under way it will become second nature to me!!!! Thank you for such a well laid out journal. Wishing you all great success and health for the coming year.