Guestbook Entries From 2009-2008

Suzanne BarBee

From: Pinole, CA
December 29, 2009
Greetings! I am new to your Sacred Journals. I came across it in a book store and I was drawn to it. It is beautifully done and I look forward to my year of thought and reflection. Thank you for putting together a lovely twist on a plan ol' day to day calendar....This one has "spiritual pull" to it not just for "Things to do," but things that don't need to be done....but maybe just dreamt of....I look forward to writing not only my hopes and dreams, but maybe even finding my spiritual self within the pages that lay before me.... Thank you! Blessings for the new year! Suzanne

Mary Bobier

From: Las Vegas, NV
December 28, 2009
I have not used the sacred journey calendar in a long time. Suffering from loneliness and depression I hope this will help me out. Hope you are well!

Luciana Bocchino

From: London, UK
December 27, 2009
dear community of sacred journallers...........i'm extremely happy and in awe to become a part of something so extraordinary and seemingly much needed................all the stories have touched me no end and my heart feels so much more gladdened and refreshed that so many of us have found such a tool to open us up into forbidden angsts fears traumas tempers with the bravery to create projects and move wanna say.........meawwwwwwww............anais nin started me off years ago when my then boyfriend chanced to borrow a book from the library by her about journalyn yourself to creativity through developing your own form of therapy.............a female formless approach which is so drippingly and beautifully female...........she had three writing exercises that you did each morning afternoon.........before you got out of bed........1st exercise of consciousness stuff..........2nd exercise......describe anything through the touch smell taste hearing seeing.......3rd exercise.......write a short story...........i'd never really written stuff that made much sense so i took to the first one like a fish to water.........then gradually the second then i attempted a short story.............reading what i've read in this marvelous guestbook its a real pleasure to read of such amazing recoveries from so many people into a creative intuitive really is a powerful way to evolve us all en my boyfriend of many years gifted me with this sacred journey diary last year 2009 and what an amazing year its turned out to be in all its twists and torments gretchen a project evolved with myself and a close friend collaborator dyonisia.......we are called le donne..........who knows whats going to happen this year.......but the project is merman then asked me what i'd like this which i asked for ...the sacred journey diary and the cards pretty please they definitely run out fast..............i can only keep at it .................and contribute and pass it on to others as its generous tools really open up that intuitive all important flow...........truly magical .........i love to call it the formless female making its return...............i'm also an amateur astrologer and would so love to have those planets included but its made me go on-line more to view all that stuff which is making me grow so much a big hug and lots o luv n maybe a sacred journey movie..............many thanx lucixxx


From: Pasadena, CA
December 21, 2009
Happy Winter Solstice! This journal has given me guidance thru my own sacred journey in life. I look forward to my third year working with this journal and all the inspirations that will be revealed.


From: Yarra Valley, Australia
November 21, 2009
I was gifted The Sacred Journey journal 2010 for my birthday this month, by a friend. I was drawn deeply within the artwork on the cover, immediately upon unwrapping it! In the past, I tend to lose interest mid-year when journal writing. I am looking forward to focusing on writing daily within this beautiful, inspiring journal and keeping record of my own Sacred Journey. Thank You, SpiralSong


From: Schenectady, NY
November 20, 2009
My daughter and I have both used the journal for years now, and we look forward to seeing a new, crisp one at the end of each year. We love the format -- thank you for doing this!

Sandra Kay Culbert

From: San Diego, California
November 11, 2009
Sweet Cheryl, Just received my 2010 Journal, Thank You! Life is a "Sacred Journey"! This is my 13th year of jouraling with you. I have "LEARNED" much from the Good, Bad & Ugly! I do feel that is why we are here on earth. Attitude of Gratitude is soo important! If we do not write them down they slip away. Sending LOVE & Blessings, Sandra Kay P.S. To all readers: The Sacred Journey is a great Xmas gift!

Yellow Wolf

From: San Jose, CA
September 30, 2009
I found this journal and have worked with it all year. I have shared it with friend and they too where called to work with the journal. Because it encompassed all the elements and reminds us to be aware of all the forces surrounding us each day, I am able to put a full hearted effort into this work. As a spiritual advisor, I am strongly recommending this journal to all my students. Thanks for sharing your dream and making it a reality for us all. May it serve the whole. Aho, Yellow Wolf

Andrew Paisley

From: Gloucestershire, UK
August 10, 2009
As I attempt to make the Sacred Journey inwardly and follow Buddha's teachings, the beautiful "Sacred Journey" has helped me to stay light hearted. I recommended it to a friend who loves it!...regardless of our beliefs or circumstances, this journal is a treasure that will help us be happy and live joyful, meaningful lives! xx

Holly Sharpe-Moore

From: Santa Fe, NM
August 04, 2009
Cheryl, I finally ordered my cards and we are just SO thrilled with them. My husband and I have enjoyed & explored them (& ourselves), and have found they are not only very easy to use, but provide a daily or weekly point of focus & pontification. You've offered a nice variety of simple and more complex spreads which makes me relish the time myself & my husband and I will spend with them in the future. I am going to 'get back on track' and be sure to pre-order my journal for 2010 as soon as possible. You've created a very beautiful & loving thing here lady. Nicely done!


August 02, 2009
I just bought the 2010 journal and read through all the introductions...i'm really looking forward to using this tool for 2010.


From: Johannesburg, South Africa
July 03, 2009
Got my cards last night! So excited and looking forward to using them. Going to place my order at my local bookshop for next year's journal this weekend. Thank you ----


From: Melbourne, Australia
April 09, 2009
I was browsing in a Borders store at the end of December last year when I looked through a bargain bin and there was one copy of The Sacred Journal. I felt I had to buy it and I'm so glad I did, it has really helped give me clarity about my goals and where I'm going. I have since got the cards as well and love using them every day. Will definitely make sure to get the journal for next year as well, thank you so much for this wonderful resource!


From: Pasadena, CA
February 21, 2009
I love this journal. It has a unique quality and touches something deep in me. I have so much personal growth ahead of me! I am thankful to have this journal as one of my "life work" tools I can use to get me where I need to be. Thanks again for being out there for all of us on our individual paths to self fulfillment!


From: Belfast, Ireland
February 10, 2009
My mother bought me my first sacred journey diary last year for 2009. I am so glad she did because it has helped so much, has made me look at my life in a completely different way. I don't hate everything so much now. After a year of accidents and disappointments. I am glad your journal found it's way into my hands. Thank you for helping me find my place in this world.

Rose Hubbard

From: Adelaide, Australia
February 06, 2009
I was walking past a calendar/diary stall,when your journal caught my eye. There was only one there and i was really drawn to it. I had already purchased a new one for 2009, and because I really liked it my husband kept telling me to buy it. I am so glad i did, as it really has helped me get back in touch with my true inner self, and helped me focus on my goals. Now I just have to see if I can track down the cards. Many thanks...Rose


From: New Jersey
February 02, 2009
I am working with the cards and journal and find that both are helping me come to a better understanding of myself.


From: New York
January 08, 2009
Today I received this journal from a dear friend. It was the perfect gift for me and entirely unexpected. I am thrilled and am just now reading through the beginning pages. I am so looking forward to this Journey of my Soul Thank you for publishing this. Joan

Tammy Appler-Haugh

January 07, 2009
I picked up the 2009 journal at my local bookstore, thinking it looked cute. I looked at it more in depth when I got home. I fell in love with the journal. I have so many that I have collected over the years always with the intent to fill it, but never knowing how to start or how to finish. The Sacred Journey is what I have been looking for. It will be the one I order from now on every year!! Thank You so much for helping me along my journey!!!!!!


Janice Wood

From: UK
January 07, 2009
I was looking for a 2009 diary for myself. I found  a calendar stall in the local mall. I searched through and came across The Sacred Journey. I was drawn to it straight a way. I put it back it was more than I could afford, but I kept going back to it. I was annoyed it was all sealed up. I put it back again thinking if I can't see what I am buying I don't want it. You guessed it I was drawn to it again and although I shouldn't have I took the wrapping from it. Again I put it back I couldn't really afford it even though I thought how lovely it was, it was more than just a diary. The man running the stall came over really annoyed at what I had done and so was I. That made my mind up to buy it and I am so glad I did. On reading it I wanted the cards as well. According to the internet the people here were out of stock I contacted Cheryl Thiele to see if she could supply me with them. Whilst waiting for a reply I found that the Mind Body & Spirit shop I use had their last box . They are now in my possession I couldn't get there quick enough even though the shop is a fair drive from here.  

Sherry Dial

From: Ft. Pierce, FL
January 07, 2009
Using the Sacred Journey Journal has been an absolute delight these past seven or eight years!  The Sacred Journey Cards were ordered several months ago, and I began using them right away to enhance my spiritual nature more.  I appreciate their focus!  I elected, first, to just draw a card each day using the 4 Directions, and in alpha order so as to "adjust" to each word and its focus.  Now, it is nearing the end of choice choosing.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to "intuitive" choice.  The 4 Directional Spread was chosen on January 1, 2009, and I am already seeing how this Spread has begun revealing itself to me.  For example:  South - Accountability.  I am a basket weaver and just now teaching a beginning class; thus being accountable to my class.  West - Saunter.  (oh, I loved this one!)  As I saunter around my class peering over their work.  North - Wisdom.  Beginning my class with prayer, thanksgiving and a grateful heart for creativity. East - Flow.  The ability to flow with the class and seeing their needs.  Just one small area of my life was evident to me in the use of the new Sacred Journey Cards.  Needless to say, I will be aware to "look for" these 4 directions in all of the areas of my life.  

Thank you, Cheryl, for your dedicated efforts in bringing The Sacred Journey Cards to us.

Joan Therese Seivert

From: Denver, Colorado
January 06, 2009
Last year I found this journal in Glenwood Springs, Colorado at the local bookstore. My friend was looking for a journal and after discovering this we decided to each get one, share the process because we are friends who live on either side of the Great Divide. We had met in Ireland recently on a celtic spirituality pilgrimage and continued our friendship after the travels were done. Continuing the journey in our journals.

We like sharing the journey-the process and have become spiritual partners sharing various experiences together. I can only imagine all the wonderful people on the planet keeping a similar journey alive in their soul and leaving it for the next generation to read after we are long gone.


Tess McAllister

From: Merewether, Australia
January 06, 2009
I was drawn to this journal after searching for a new 2009 diary at numerous bookstores. I feel this new year will be an exciting adventure filled with many possibilities, and how exciting for me to be able to record them in this beautiful journal. Normally at the end of each diary I always look back at the goals I set at the beginning of the year to see what I accomplished, so I especially love the extended section on setting goals for 2009!!! It has beautifully put together, so thank you, and I am so glad this journal found its way to my favourite Borders bookstore.


From: Santa Fe, New Mexico
January 01, 2009
Welcome 2009! May peace, prosperity & blessings be yours!


From: Toronto, Canada
December 30, 2008
It is early morning, still dark out, with a new day dawning.   As I come to the end of my 2008 journal, I realize just how very important it has been to me.  I am a lifelong journaller, but it was this journal that took me into my own personal no man's land.  In dealing with the last vestiges of my own darkness, as well as all the symbols and synchronicities of my life, I have suddenly become clear and purposeful. This journal is a beautiful and magical instrument. I wanted to express my gratitude to Cheryl for creating it. Sadly, for me anyway, the 2009 journals sold out from local stores months ago and I am searching the Universe for a copy. Meanwhile, Happy New Year and thank you so very much.

Gretchen Givens

From: Martinez, CA
December 29, 2008
Dear Cheryl, and Sacred Journey staff:
I am so happy to receive my new 2009 journal.  I began using the Sacred Journey on Jan. 1, 2008... and what a year it has been.  A year of challenges, disappointments, strange detours, breakthroughs, hopeful encounters, and enough miracles to make this a very rewarding and growth filled year.  

Through it all, I looked forward each night before bedtime to write in my journal.  It became a touchstone for me... to review the seemingly random events of the day, which in retrospect turned out to be synchronicities. All of the events of our lives weave a tapestry of many colors.   The Sacred Journey gave me a chance to unwind, and to think about my life as it was being played out.

I especially liked each month's symbolism.  I used a set of tarot cards and runes to intuit my spirit's message.  The symbols were a guide to me each month.

All of your entry suggestions:  (blessings, strengths, opportunities, goals, gifts, highlights, insights, and important dates like the winter solstice) were wonderful nudges to help my soul awaken... and find the expression it yearned for.  

I am a composer and writer. This past year I have been working on many projects:  a mystical, musical theater piece about forgiveness and redemption; a movie screenplay about hope over despair;  inspirational stories and music about animals and birds.  Your journal has helped me be able to work on all these projects with more clarity and a fresh approach.  I really appreciate the  guidance I receive from the journal. Thank you for making this wonderful tool available for all of us... to help our consciousness expand, become more empowered, and to find and follow the purpose we came here to achieve.
Gretchen Givens


From: Gloucestershire, England
December 28, 2008
I have just received the 2009 Journal for Christmas from a very dear Friend. I love the idea of combining my dreams and spirituality along with the daily calendar. I hope to chart much progress. Last year was extremely painful and difficult but through the months, I realised that I had learnt alot and deepened my soul ...and found much joy. I am looking forward to 2009 despite facing another painful operation/rehabilitation. I think the journal will help me with all of this and more. With gratitude to my Friend Ursula for this gift.....Jane

John E. Thornberry

From: England
December 28, 2008
Recently been given the Sacred Journey Journal as a gift. Looking forward to the years entries and keep following on. A message to all:- Open your Hearts and Minds and your dreams will walk through...

Nicky B.

From: Chester, United Kingdom
December 27, 2008
I just wanted to say that I have been a fan of your journal for many years now... I have them stored in my memory trunk  
This coming year however I was attempting to discover a new journal, reasons being, I've had bad health ( rheumatoid arthritis since I was 21, now 43 and my journal has chronicled the pain associated with this and the challenges I've faced with various bionic parts installed and a stroke in 99, when I had the company of fairies for quite a few months... yes they were as real to me as my nose in front of my face, and although I lost my speech an basic comprehension I thank them everyday for the healing and company they gave me. I have to note I am totally healed now.
I am an extremely positive person, but it upset me to see such sadness within my journal, even thought of disposing them, but realized that I'd survived all this and this indeed was my story of coming through the other side. So yes, I have ordered my copy for 2009 and I am looking forward to exploring my next chapter with relish as I know 2009 is going to be a fabulous, magical year, with maybe a bit of fairy dust sprinkled around for good measure
Very best wishes to you, and thank you for inspiring me to be who I am ...


From: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
December 27, 2008
I was given this journal for Christmas.  I read all the introduction pages and just can't wait to get started in January!  I'm thinking of giving my daughter a copy of the journal as a gift, just because. Thank you.  And keep it going!


From: Australia…Wodonga
December 20, 2008
I have just had a The Sacred Journey Daily Soul Journal from a dear friend for christmas.  I am already spell bound.  I am looking forward to sharing my souls dreams and inspirations with this journal.  What an inspirational idea.


From: Cleveland
December 17, 2008
I purchased two journals last year, one for myself and the other for a dear friend.  We both LOVED them. Experienced, but lax, journalers, we found the journal to be a wonderfully freeing way to express and explore the psyche and spirit. Thank you for creating this wonderful book!  Truly, a gift.


From: Pagosa Springs, CO
December 15, 2008
hoping to hear more from you!

Jay Carpenter

From: Cornwall, UK
December 13, 2008
This will be my first journal and i cannot wait until Jan 09 when i begin my personal journey. I have dedicated 2009 to evolving my own spiritual path, and using this beautiful book to document my happenings will be a beautiful way of making memories. Thank you for designing such a great tool.

Jean Norton

From: Davenport, Iowa
December 11, 2008
We are three women who have known each other over 20 years from when we all lived in Wisconsin. We gather yearly now from three states to celebrate our March birthdays. One has been using the journal several years; the other two of us will begin year two. Not all of us are journal keepers, yet we are exploring new territory with these pages. In 2008 we had just begun to write; no doubt at our overnight birthday celebration in 2009, we will share the journeys we each have taken with the calendar this year. Thank you.

Corrie Lee

From: Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada
December 10, 2008
I have just picked up this Daily Journal when I was looking for next years calendar. It looked interesting and after reading the introduction pages, I can't wait to begin. I have been very ill for the past 11 years and am just now trying to get on with my life. Because of my illness, I am not sure who I truly am anymore, I have significant memory loss, so I am excited to go on this personal journey...I will just have to go slow in my discoveries, as it is kind of scary to do this.


From: Vancouver, British Columbia
December 04, 2008
I love this. I love the work it helps me do.


From: Wylie TX
November 09, 2008
Thank you so much for an inspiring and meaningful journal.

Tonya Dawn

From: Indiana
October 11, 2008
Hello! I bought my journal at Natural Elements, in Bloomington, Indiana last December. I gave it to myself and told my small children that it was a present to me, from them. They see me journal every day, keep appointments, lists, dreams and joys, and carry inspirational symbols and collages everywhere I go. I literally never leave home without my "book". It has accompanied me through the literal and metaphorical journey of the past year.

Shari Smith

From: Chicagoland
October 10, 2008
I just purchased this book as a replacement for a Tarot deck I received as a birthday gift that I already had. I think it's a perfect exchange and look forward to learning & using.


October 05, 2008
I was very curious as to what topics and types of workshops you teach.  My sister has been using your journal for many years....She bought me one for my xmas present last year.....I love the way it is set up and how much it helps me keep focused on personal growth.......


From: England
July 28, 2008
Thank-you so much for this beautiful journal, it is very rare to find a place where one is able to write thoughts, feelings, musings and organise your life in one; What a fantastic positive blend of spiritual and practical!

Erin VanVoorhis

From: Maryland
May 25, 2008
Hi, I really enjoy your products and I liked the main symbol so much I got it tattooed to the top of my foot. That was 8 years ago and it it still my only one.
Thanks, Erin


From: Maryland
May 20, 2008
For the guest who asked for divination ideas, perhaps the Runes? Blum's suggested interpretations in "the Healing Runes' are thought provoking. The cover on my journal is wearing out, always a sign of a well used and loved book.


From: Pasadena, CA
March 01, 2008
While looking for a 2008 planning calendar, I found the Sacred Journey thru happenstance. I knew immediately it was different and a very special Journal and spiritual work doesn't come easy to me, but this book flows well and just seems to guide me. I am very excited about my future and how this journal will help me in self discovery and help me take on new directions. Thank you for being here.


From: Melbourne, Australia
February 24, 2008
I found my first Sacred Journey journal whilst browsing in Border's over Christmas last year, and it has now become my daily focus. I am so lucky to have such a thing of beauty that I can enhance and use to create my own exquisite creative Source of Inspiration. I love collecting gorgeous pictures to put in it - pictures that sing to my soul. Looking over what I have created every day inspires me to no end! I love it! Thank you so very much. It will be the first thing I pack when I head off to New York in November...I couldn't imagine a day without it!

Kerry Beyus

From: Connecticut
February 20, 2008
I just wanted to let you know that your journal is a very helpful tool in my life right now as I just recently lost my mother.


From: Edinburgh Scotland
February 14, 2008
Hello journalers ! I am so sad because I have been looking to buy this years journal without luck ! I loved using the journal last year (my first time ) and so miss having it ... have tried notebooks and its not working for me ... so I call out can anyone help me find a journal ! - I am going to London for my birthday this month =maybe there may be someone out there who can help. Go Well.


From: Scotland
February 14, 2008
this book has saved my life after a year of hell for me where i had 2 major illnesses and then lost a my baby i was carrying. I tried to take my life twice. this book has helped me through the darkness and is helping me to live again and deal with my problems rather than take the easy way out. thanks you really have saved my life.


From: Minnesota
February 13, 2008
Thank you so much for this journal! The 2008 edition is my first one, and I am so grateful for it! (Many Sat Nams to my dear friend CarlaShanti for turning me on to it!) Already, not even two months into the new year, it has helped me tremendously. I feel I've grown just from writing my goals! I'm still working on things like My Heart Calling, My Credo, etc., but there's time. I had some strife in my marriage earlier this month, and this journal proved to be invaluable to me in dealing with the situation and resolving it. Thank you, Cheryl! I am interested in a divination system. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer something that is thought-provoking and that is used more as a tool for self-examination rather than any type of "fortune telling" system.


From: Australia
January 27, 2008
The Sacred Journey has guided me through many a dark night. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I treasured my precious hours spent reading or journaling in my 'sacred journey'.
Compliments and blessings to its gifted creator, Cheryl Thiele.

Tiana White

From: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
January 25, 2008
My journey has been a bumpy one at best - but I am learning as I go along that no matter what life throws my way that I can always pick my self up and continue on. I bought The Sacred Journey for myself because it jumped out at me at the bookstore and I felt I had to get it. I feel that it came to me in the right time and it will help guide me in finding myself. I am leaving an eight year abusive relationship and some days I want to go back - but I am no longer that person anymore and I must learn to go on. I wish those out there on a new path all the best this year.


From: Liverpool, UK
January 13, 2008
Hi & Happy new year! As Cheryl says journaling should be fun so for the people who are new to this go with the flow and it will come believe me! I have used the Sacred Journey since 2003 and have learned a great deal since then. Some days the words flow other days only a couple of lines which is ok. The main thing is the journey of self discovery is ongoing and the sacred journey, whilst being spiritual is an excellent tool for self awareness!!
Enjoy the journey
best wishes


From: Marhkam, Ontario, Canada
January 09, 2008
Hello all, Happy New Year. I was in the book store yesterday looking for books on getting to know my inner self and by chance I look down and right beside my feet was the journal and I just had to pick it up. I'm feeling a little overwhelm at where I should start but I'm sure with time I'll figure it out, I'm open to suggestion and help. If anyone is looking for a partner to go the distance we can do it together.
Be Blessed today and always.


From: India
January 09, 2008
The Sacred Journey journal sounds wonderful. I didn’t even know it existed, much less seen one.I'll see if I can prevail upon a friend/ relative/ someone in theto send me one. I've been writing a journal since I was 12 yrs. Its my best friend. Happy Journaling and a fulfilling 2008 everyone !

Jenni Morgan

From: Wales UK
January 08, 2008
Thank you so much for The Sacred Journey. I am now starting my third year and it has been a marriage saver and possibly a life saver. I was at a pretty low ebb when my daughter gave me the 2006 edition. It inspired me and gave me a structure within which to starting seriously om the business of sorting out my attitudes and my very low self esteem. Such has been the success of my journey that I now have my daughter and my best friend starting out on their journeys. Thank you.


From: North Central US
January 06, 2008
I bought The Sacred Journey this year - after the first - and don't know where to start. The preliminary pages seem so big and overwhelming. Has anyone else felt this and overcome it?


From: London, England
January 06, 2008
I was going through (and still am) a bit of a 'purpose' crisis in October, driving my boyfriend crazy, which caused him to buy this journal for me! It was a beautiful gift and I use it every day. I'm completely new to the idea of symbols and the concept of 'credo' but I decided to just go with it. I created my own symbols (I decided on five for the year, so I could bear them all in mind without overdoing it) drawing:

open hands - compassion and generosity
a perfect circle - strength and courage
a butterfly- joy and appreciation
a treble clef- perseverance
white clouds in a blue sky - peace

I find great catharsis in writing out all my thoughts and worries, just getting them off my chest and onto paper helps me to see them more clearly and resolve them more objectively. With my birthday in two days, I'm looking forward to using the birthday page!

Hope everyone's loving their journal as much as I am!

Alice Brady

From: England
January 06, 2008
I bought The Sacred Journey. It was in the sales, at a book shop. I'd never heard of it before. But liking anything about Sacred Living seems to grab me. So I am looking forward to using it. I have at the moment The Druid Animal Oracle Cards, And I wonder'd if I could use these. I have never used this kind of Journal before. So I am hoping it will help me to find my Inner Self and my Spiritual path.


January 05, 2008
I am having a bit of a hard time wondering on the use of symbols with my sacred journey. How do I incorporate them? What are they good for? I use the card a day method and record that daily, but how do i go about choosing my cards for the whole year?? By the way, This is my first year using the Sacred Journey and so far, I love it. I am not big on journalling, but this makes it very easy and fun. I bought is a gift for a friend who is going through the process of self discovery, and had to pick it up for myself as well. We both love it.


January 04, 2008
I bought my friend and myself a copy of the journal to start this year.
I have begun to fill it out, and I found it made me appreciate a lot of things I might not have really made a point of thinking about. After an awful 3 years, I felt I must grow more spiritually, and learn to let go of the past and look to the future. However there are some parts i have difficulty in filling in.


From: British Columbia
January 03, 2008
I bought my journal last week, and at last have started to use it, side by side with my healing runes. Together these are the signposts I will use to guide me through a year of self discovery. I have just retired after a long career, and want to discover what I have kept hidden from others and myself over this time. I especially want to revisit my past, say goodbye to past grief, forgive myself for past mis-judgements and look ahead with new energy. I shall treasure my sacred journal on this journey.

Kitty Wong

From: New Jersey
January 03, 2008
I purchased a copy of the 2007 Sacred Journey and was pleasantly surprised to find a treasure. I have worked with the Journal throughout the year and just completed the 2007 Retrospective and Conclusion. I am now ready to start the 2008 edition. This is an outstanding guide that helps me chronicle my spiritual journey. I am better able to hold myself accountable for my growth.


From: Toronto, Canada
January 02, 2008
I received this book from my sister in law as tool to use during my self discovery. It is only the second of January, however I have spent the last two weeks thinking about what to put in the book. I think that it has forced me to come to some conclusions that I normally would not have. So by the end of the year I cannot wait to see what changes have occurred. Thank you.