Guestbook Entries From 2011 -2010

Kerry Thomas

From: Near Rugby, Warwickshire, England
December 30, 2011
This is my first year with 'Sacred Journey' as my guide and I am eager to begin, discover and transform... I have already found myself being made welcome and given help here. Thank you. I have to disclose that the journal was a gift - from me to me!


From: Birmingham, England
December 30, 2011
I have received my first ever sacred journal from a very special friend this christmas + I’m nervously excitable to begin the sojourn, I know from experience that not every step we take through life is easy but writing helps to focus the mind + the heart. I will be traveling to the Philippines for 2 months this year to discover another side of the world + to rediscover+ rejuvenate myself. I feel sure that the sacred journal will be a constant companion. It’s a wonderful gift to have received...the power of learning our true selves. Thank you for the inspiration.

Diane Fosnocht

From: Waynesboro, VA
December 22, 2011
I received my first Sacred Journey journal from my mother in law in 2006. It has been a part of my life ever since. Though I wax and wane on my dedication to it, I always know it is there, like an old, dear friend. I have shared its beauty with my friends and look forward to its new journey every year. Though I have never met you, I am grateful for the connection I have with you. One of my great pleasures is seeing where you are taking me on your journey each month. You always seem to state what I need to know or embrace. Thank you for sharing your great gifts of intuition, love, kindness and peace. I feel blessed to be able to use your tool each year.....and that there are some left this year! I waited until Dec 22 to buy one! Way too long. My favorite bookstore (Stone Soup in Waynesboro, VA) is sold out....Good for you. Thanks for your new great easy way of ordering on line! It brings me even closer to you. May the peace and joy of the season by upon you and remain with you throughout 2012. I hope this finds you in good health and with all you need. Much love......

Carol Jenkins Abdelhalim

From: Atlanta, GA
December 20, 2011
I'm back for my 2nd year even more excited than the first. This journal is awesome!

Diane Rauch

From: Gig harbor, WA
December 10, 2011
Dearest Cheryl, I can't tell you what a huge part of my life these journals have been for at least 10 years and maybe longer. I may have gotten one the first year they came out. I remember being so excited about the concept when they first came out. My enthusiasm never lessened, and the way I have used the journal has grown and evolved. That is what is so beautiful. The experience of them grows and changes over the years. This year I am excited about my journal even more than ever - and about the possibilities. I send big hugs for all you have been for us all. Diane

Sandra Kay

November 25, 2011
From: Peoria, Arizona
Sweet Cheryl,
I am back for the "15th year" and still growing & enjoying! Thank You!
Blessings to you.


From: Texas
November 13, 2011
Dear Cheryl~~~I look so forward to receiving The Sacred Journey journal and am so appreciative for your help this year!!! I loved getting to visit with you on the phone and would love to meet you in person. What an inspiration you are in encouraging journaling in a way that is creative and not at all intimidating!!! Thank you so much for your dedication in helping me express myself so freely!!!

Elizabeth Lambert

From: Langley, BC, Canada
November 13, 2011
Dear Cheryl, thank you so much for your personal attention to my quest to find a copy of The Sacred Journey journal for 2012. It was a success, and greatly appreciated. Now I'm pondering one of those caps...hmm.

Gabriel Kingsley

From: Syracuse, NY
October 05, 2011
This is the second of your journals that I have gotten but I regret to say I gave first one away! This one is solely mine and I can't wait to begin journaling in it.
I am also looking to get your Sacred Journey cards because they look so inspirational.

Alison Mackisey

From: Coaldale AB
March 09, 2011
"The Sacred Journey - Daily Journal For Your Soul 2011" is my first it! i have always kept "free" style journals - this year i felt i needed more....something to help me think outside the box and get in touch with a new way of thinking.....something with structure - and boy does this have it! so good - i will definitely be using this journal for years to come!
thank you!


From: FL
February 26, 2011
This is my first time journaling and it is a little difficult for me but there is a part of me that I think will benefit from my doing so.

Chris Unsworth

From: Cheshire, England
January 07, 2011
Now in my third year journalling and slowly getting better at putting something down each day, the best thing is that my three children know I keep a journal and always ask if they have made it into an entry, they usually are and looking back on those special moments with them that I would otherwise have forgotten is magical. My life has become more mindful through the process and I have come to realise that time is the only gift you can truly give as once given it can never be taken away, all material possessions are only ours to borrow while we are here, thanks Cheryl for a great inspiring way of helping me remember the time spent with those I love Cheers Chris.


From: Chicagoland, IL
January 07, 2011
I'm so pleased to know that 2011 will indeed be a Sacred Journey for me as I have finally belatedly obtained a copy of this very beneficial journal from a gracious Ms. Thiele. My heart is full of thankfulness as I've been using this journal since the late 90's and have found no other premade journal to so beautifully suit my spiritual journalling needs.
Many blessings in 2011 to all who brave the sacred journey to ourselves and our world.


From: Livingston, Scotland UK
January 04, 2011
This is my third year of using the journal. In the past I've not managed to keep my journal entries for more than a couple of months or so. This year though I'm confident it will be different as I retired from paid employment on Hogmanay. My journal will be my inspiration to bring balance into my life.


From: Whitby, Ontario
January 03, 2011
Thanks for your insights. This is my 3rd year journaling with you as I bought my first one 3 years ago as a gift to myself.Now my son has gifted me with it for Christmas the past two years. Unlike all my other attempts at journaling I have kept up with this one. Each year I have seen myself grow with your blessed words and insights. Many ups and downs have been recorded as I empowered myself to come out of my shell. I have used other cards with this journal but this is the year that I will buy them. I cherish my moments writing. My goals have become more solid and this is the year that I will bring all of them to bloom. You have given me the opportunity to plant my seeds and nourish them with my insights recorded in your journals.
Thanks so much for living your words.


From: Asheville, NC
January 02, 2011
This is my third year using The Sacred Journey journal. I have loved spending time pondering my goals, opportunities, affirmations and gratitudes, along with writing daily in a beautiful blank journal. I began journaling during a particularly painful time in my life, over 20 years, ago, and have benefited so much from the process of expressing, on paper, feelings, thoughts, and dreams. This year, I will add the Sacred Journey Cards to my venture towards wholeness, and look forward to whatever may evolve.
I am grateful for what Cheryl has created as a guide and inspiration towards being all we are meant to be while living our lives in the bodies we inhabit.


From: Eureka Springs, AR
January 01, 2011
i have been using the sacred journey journal since 2006. it is a wonderful, simple way to track my journey over time. thank you for including others' journal pages; what inspiration! blessings to all my fellow journey journalers.



From: Maine
January 01, 2011
This is my first year with The Sacred Journey. I am new to journaling and was feeling a bit unsure...then the following quote found its way to me.

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year‚s Day."
˜Edith Lovejoy Pierce, American poet

I jumped up and went straight to the January 1st page and wrote it down. This is going to be magical...

Wendy Rees

From: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
January 01, 2011
This is my first experience with the Sacred Journey Journal. I look forward to it!! I have found it difficult to maintain writing in one, i keep buying blank books to write in, obviously that doesn't work for me. New day, New Year. Looking forward to the process and getting to know more about me.



From: Edgewood, Washington, U.S.A.
January 01, 2011
Last year was my first journal experience...ever, and The Sacred Journey 2010 was a best friend while I experienced one of the hardest years of my life. I lost my job of many years, my best friend of over 40 years and a long term relationship in an 8 month period. In the middle of many empty nights when the tears of grief ran like a river, the journal was there to help me on my baby steps toward healing. Being able to see progress is such a valuable tool and I purchased my 2011 journal months ago...having to introduce a specialty shop to the fact you existed when I asked to have it ordered. They are now as excited as I over your wonderful journal. It was difficult to be patient so it could be opened this morning over coffee in a personal ceremony of renewal as I record goals for this New Year. Blessings to all of you who helped create this form of friendship. Cheryl...your Greeting to us this year is like being welcomed by a someone who sees into our hearts and lives with understanding and love. Thanks to all of you from someone who is grateful to have found you and will be faithful in following the path you've prepared for our 2011 "Sacred Journey."

Diane Branscome Fosnocht

From: Waynesboro, VA
January 01, 2011
Your tool gets better and better every year. Each year I delve a little deeper into the resources that you provide. This year I will try the cards and use them as an aid to slow me down and live deliberately. I am constantly amazed at the power of intentions and mantras. My family loves to note our lives rhythms with the moon. I cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for the great work you do to provide this service to us, your customers. You have changed my life and thus those around me, with this journal. Thank you.

Stacey H

From: Langley, British Columbia, Canada
December 31, 2010
Thank you for "The Sacred Journey" we have spent many years together growing, and going throw many great leaps and humps in the road. Thank you for such a great Journal!

Leslie Holt

From: Springville, CA
December 30, 2010
I used the 1st Sacred Journey Journal years back and with 2011 approaching with so many positive things occurring along with some challenges 2011 version called to me. Thanks Pomegranate and Cheryl for still being there.

James Watson

From: Queensland, Australia
December 18, 2010
Awareness of the Inner Soul (Sacred Journey )

We are here but for a second
Let us treasure this journey to the fullest
We have been blessed in recording
Our thoughts and feelings
In none other than the **Sacred Journey **
It is with pleasure that we approach 2011
Knowing that Cheryl Thiele has for us
Special **milestones** for us to ponder and absorb
In how we journey with **Sacred Journey ** by our side !!

Thank you

Sandra Kay

From: Peoria, AZ
December 07, 2010
Dear Sweet Cheryl,
OK..... This is my "14th" year of The Sacred Journey/ Daily Journal for my "Soul" and still growing!... LOVE you and my Journal. I have had a lot of ups & downs... (like most) we just need to learn from them...
Thank you and keep up the good work!
Blessing & Love to you,
Sandra Kay

Sabiha Akhtar

From: Norwich, Norfolk, England
December 04, 2010
I love these journals I think they are fantastic and amazing. They are so good to work with. I hope to get hold of one as they can be difficult to find.


From: Leigh. England
November 17, 2010
I love my Sacred Journey. I find it leading me on a journey of self discovery. Every day is a journey in itself. I am finding myself through creativity. Thank You.
I am also interested in starting a group of Journallers to share ideas.

Barbara Rawnsley

From: Moffat Beach, Queensland AUSTRALIA
November 12, 2010
I had the most awesome thing happen to me today and I must write it here in the guest book, I just bought this book today and I was blessed with my first revelation from a friend I had just met for the first time today at our friends home whom we helped move into today. I felt God’s presence there today the beaming light that lit up the whole unit with the most awesome views of the mountains in one direction and the beautiful ocean on the other. I feel so differently and have realised this was my calling to be anointed with God’s Love. The Sacred Journey Book was an exception for me today thank you.

Melissa Morris

From: Blue Ash, Ohio
November 11, 2010
Hello~ Would love to journal! Melissa

Lee Windhawk

From: St Peters, Missouri
October 02, 2010
What a great Idea!! This will help me keep on track with my spiritual walk in this life.

Maryam Sharp

From: Guildford, U.K.
July 30, 2010
My husband got me my first sacred journey diary last year, it has been wonderful. Thank you from Maryam


From: England
June 16, 2010
2010 is the first year I have ever kept a journal, it was a Xmas present to myself and it is my little secret, no one else knows I have it. When I bought it I was very depressed, found it hard to cope with the thought of getting through each day, let alone aiming for future goals! Now I cannot believe how different I am, the journal helps me to focus on my spiritual journey, it is my little bit of meditation and time for myself everyday. I fill it with my innermost thoughts and feelings along with pictures and quotations that inspire me, ribbons, flowers, little gemstones etc. Anything really that makes me feel happy when I look at it. Can't wait to begin next years and see where that leads me!


From: UK
April 23, 2010
Thank You so much. I started journalling again following a relationship which had destroyed my confidence. I feel like I have found myself again after many years and the Sacred Journey has been a helpful companion. Creativity is helping me rediscover who I am.


From: Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
April 05, 2010
I'm loving my 'Sacred Journey'- impressed I'm actually sticking with it and amazed at how I'm discovering who I really am. I'm becoming more authentic & true to myself month by month. Thank you. What a lovely gift to us all x


From: Isle of Wight
March 28, 2010
Keeping my journal last year during one of the hardest times of my life helped me this year when it was the anniversary of their passing. By reading what I had written at the time I was able to finally shed tears and move on, knowing they will always be with me.


From: Dundee, United Kingdom
March 08, 2010
The Sacred Journey journal has enriched my life! I now can look back on all the magic spirituality that fills my life and there's plenty of room for reflection and tarot spreads, guided messages, etc. It's now a prized possession and whilst it's messy, it feels like a part of me. Thank you for creating this xx


From: Ft. Pierce, FL
February 03, 2010
Using the Sacred Journey Cards in a different way for 2010. Using the Creative Web Layout for each month's symbols. February Symbol which is "Detachment." Amazing the words and phrases that I have encountered!!

Joanne Derdaele

From: Belle River Ontario Canada
January 28, 2010
This is my first visit to The Sacred Journey website and this page. I am familiar with the Journal by Cheryl Thiele, as I purchased the 2009 edition, however, did not fulfill my journeys on its pages. I would like very much to begin the year 2010 with a change, where journaling is incorporated as one of my daily meditations. I believe I will find the help I need to once again begin journaling, and visiting here to find the answers to questions that I have and to see how others have done their pages will inspire me to reopen myself to the endless possibilities of the Universe and find the inner peace that I have lost. So I begin...... May you all find the blessings and peace that we all universally deserve. God Bless. I remain, Joanne Derdaele


From: United Kingdom
January 26, 2010
Think these diaries are great! Just setting mine up. Not sure what to put for my credo and other opening pages, has anyone got advice? Still I know what my goals are and I feel confident this diary will help me get there.


From: Gaithersburg, MD
January 24, 2010
I have been using this journal for 2 years now and I have never found anything to compare to the usefulness and insight it has given me. Most of my good friends have them and use them as well. Thanks so much!


From: London, UK
January 15, 2010
I got the journal as a late Christmas present too and was amazed that my family finally 'get' me at last. It is a wonderful surprise and answered my call. What a joyous start to 2010! Love, Light and Energy to all. Many thanks Family; I really appreciate it.

Lily Rose

From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
January 09, 2010
On January 7th, my daughter Che surprised me with a belated Christmas gift. I was filled with joy and almost cried when she gave me the present. This morning I read through the journal. I liked what I found. For many years I have written a journal and when I finished a journal or note book or pieces of paper, I destroyed it. I have often wondered why. Fear? Shame? Pride? I could not figure it out. After I read through the Sacred Journal, I was excited and told my daughter that destroying my journals was like self destruction and added that I do not want to destroy myself any more. She smiled and responded "Good!". With delight I mentioned to Che that the Sacred Journal approach reminded me of working on my collages. I really enjoy working on collages. I used to toss out my collages. I no longer destroy them. I look forward to getting started. Through my writing I intent to embrace my life for what it is and to share my bits of my life with the intention of becoming a better human being with an open heart. The gift from my daughter was a blessing and brought into my life at a time when I needed it the most.


From: Bembridge, UK
January 07, 2010
This is the start of my second year of using this journal. Reading back over my entries last year I laughed and cried and relived some of the best and worst moments of that year. For anyone starting on their first year of using this journal I'd say write honestly and truthfully and from the heart as then it will become a testomony to you, to what you believe, what you have experienced and how those experiences have helped you to grow. With many blessings and love and light.

Debbie Gibson

From: Northville, Michigan
January 03, 2010
I just purchased this Sacred Journey 2010 Journal for myself on a whim when perusing a bookstore. Nothing is accidental, right? I am excited, and slightly overwhelmed by it. I am also thankful for this website, for it's further insights. Happy New Year to all!


From: Crown Point Indiana
January 02, 2010
2010 will be my fourth year using the journal. It has helped guide me in many ways. My Spiritual journey unfolds when I put pen to paper and I am often surprised by my words, it is almost as if someone is helping me move along to the next level of my journey. I create collages on some pages, I add photos, write special quotes and more. At the end of the year I have a lovely collection of personal notes, art work and ideas. I enjoy looking back at the year by re-reading each monthly calendar page. I then say a little prayer of gratitude as I "Tie Up" the old year and put the journal away. I always save a special piece of ribbon from a Christmas package and on New Year's Day I tie a bow on the journal and put it away in a special trunk. It is then time to bring out the new journal.... and begin the process once again. Each year this process gets better and better!

Shari Downhill

From: Grants Pass, Oregon
January 02, 2010
I love the Sacred Journey Daily Journal. I came across it in 2009 and used it extensively. I gave it to several friends and family members for Christmas this year. It's an excellent way to stay connected with our inner spiritual voice. Thank you. Shari


From: London, UK
January 01, 2010
On this 1st day of January 2010, I begin my 9th year of working with these beautiful journals; my thanks to Cheryl and all those who spend time producing such a rich facilitating piece of work; I have bought several over the years for other friends all who have become 'regulars'. Warm New Year greetings to all you producers and to the rest of my fellow journal-ists, love and a peaceful New Year.