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Tamara Davis

From: Costa Mesa, CA
October 6, 2017
So blessed to have met Cheryl 30 years ago and reconnected today 10-2017..dear lord I was beside my self to see her face; she's gorgeous in and out. Good things come when your not looking, so glad I was looking and Boom there she was. Got to spend some time catching up and going over old memories.....can't wait to make some more...not letting this chance meeting go.....Thank You Girl...Tamara Davis xoxo

Naomi Rivera

From: Grass Valley, CA
January 15, 2017
This journal is the best! I'm an artist and I work with manifestation techniques so this format is perfect for me. Having this journal helps me craft all aspects of my life in a cohesive manner. I use the ample space for creative writing, vision collages, and artistic inspiration. Thank you for you for providing the best journal on the market.

Michelle Way

From: Canada
January 4, 2017
I love this journal. I live my life from new moon to new moon. Any chance of doing any teachings on the void moon. I live by the spirals of life like the labyrinth. Dreaming is also another part of this journal that would be beneficial too.

Eileen Gale

From: England
January 3, 2017
Thank you so much for sending me the pdf guidebook for The Sacred Journey Cards, which I very much appreciate. I love the journal and cards. They are so positive. I've no doubt that they have contributed to my positive outlook on life.  

I gave my cards away to a friend in distress a few years ago believing I could easily buy another set. I was delighted when I found out you had produced the new set. I went to Atlantis Book shop within days of the arrival of the journal and again as soon as Bali emailed me to say that the cards had arrived.  

I am absolutely thrilled to bits with my Sacred Journey Journal for my Soul 2017. (At the beginning of last year I bought two copies of the 2015 edition, one of which I used in 2016 and the other was for this year, just in case you were not going to produce any more). Your Greetings... introduction to the 2017 Journal explained the reason for the missing journal and I now understand why you needed to have a rest from your work schedule.  Once again, thank you for creating these beautiful unique Sacred Journey journal and cards.

Christy Barfield

From: Saint Peters, Missouri
January 2, 2017
Thank you Cheryl, so happy to have The Sacred Journey Journal back again! This journal has been a significant tool in my spiritual growth. I love it and I missed it last year! Blessings to you and all the wonderful people who helped to publish The Sacred Journey: Daily Journal For Your Soul! May 2017 be a great year for all of us!

Glenna Goodrich

From: Salem, Oregon
December 30, 2016
My Dear Cheryl,
I am so delighted to return to the family tradition of my daughter gifting me with The Sacred Journey, Daily Journal at Christmas. I really missed it last year, however, I honor your wisdom in stepping back and taking time to renew your soul and spirit. You are loved and appreciated from one who doesn't know you, but at the same time does know you quite well. Thank you for bringing the Sacred Journal back into my life!

Colleen Shirley

From: Pasadena, CA
December 21, 2016
I am so happy to see that The Sacred Journey has returned this year. I looked everywhere last year, and could not find it anywhere. I made my own journal from old blank pages and followed the same format. I still missed the fresh new one with correct dates. I really love this journal. It covers all the important aspects in my life. I have not seen any other journals that I would trade in. I also appreciate the recent winter solstice special. Now I have a extra copy that I can give to a dear friend for Xmas. I just know she will appreciate the spiritual aspects as much as I do. Thank you Cheryl for creating this beautiful journal. Happy Winter Solstice, and Happy New Year to all, as you journey your path.

Deborah Apetauer

From: Johannesburg, South Africa
December 20, 2016
I am really excited for 2017 to get back into using my Sacred Journey journal! Haven't used it in a couple of years ~ found my 2010 journal and was paging through it and decided I loved it and wanted to get back into it again for next year. I'm on leave next week and my fingers are itching to start working in it. Thank you so much for bringing the journal back again. xx Hope you go from strength to strength in the years to come.

Kim Fuller

From: Berlin, Vermont
December 15, 2016
am so glad that there is a journal this year! I got my first one as a gift, bought my own the next year and then have been without for a few. Can't wait to get this and use it!

Shirley Elsby

From: Leicestershire, UK
November 28, 2016
So glad to have the Sacred Journey Journal back for 2017. I hunted high & low for something as good but ended up adapting another diary not nearly so good and having to work a mish-mash of pages, number them and cross-reference. Your journal has so many strengths, not least the number of open pages to do with as the writer wishes and space to put month summaries, special day entries and other variations. I love, too, the fact you went back to the non-shiny paper so I can use a rainbow of gel pens without getting blotches all over the place! Love having the info about moon phases too. It's such a good journal - definitely sacred to me! Thank you and well done for getting it back in print.

Shari S.

From: Round Rock, Texas
November 28, 2016
I'm so In Joy that the 2017 The Sacred Journey is back. I did not keep a journal in 2016 as there was a lack of inspiration for me. I find it so hard to journal without The Sacred Journey ... without it I only took my aggressions out on notebook paper & then toss it away following my angry rantings. There was no Sacredness, no Carefulness, no Inspiration, no Connection to what I am able to find when ising the Sacred Journey. Thank you for bringing it back to us. 2016 has been a Universal 9 year of endings & I miss having that chapter written in my life. Now however, we have the 2017 Universal 1 year ahead to record our 'new beginnings' chapter and I'm in Gratitude to have The Sacred Journey to accompany my along the journey!
Magical Blessings, 

Marie-Madeleine Widtmann

From: Geneva, Switzerland
November 28, 2016
I did not realize I could write a comment to this wonderful journal. When I first discovered it I was full of grief and this journal gently pulled me out of it, helping me realize all the other things in life I could be grateful for. I bought the cards when they came out. I love all the questions and suggestions which help me re-prioritise the important things for me in my life and soul. THANK YOU.

Gwen Dixon

From: Canada
November 28, 2016
Always a forward thinking tool.

Bruja Alikchihoo 

From: Montrose, Colorado
November 27, 2016
I have a difficult time journaling.... I tend to get overwhelmed with things like... "What should I write?" or "What's important to remember for this date?" or "Why do I even care?" 

This journal offers thoughtful questions to help me focus on what aspects of my daily life are most important.... what I'm grateful for, what energy I wish to walk in, what I'd like to manifest into my world, how I want to relate to others, what spiritual work I am tending to, any number of things....

I was lost when the company didn't produce a 2016 version, and my Journaling suffered greatly.... as in, I didn't do it..... So thankful that you're back online for 2017. I've already started filling out the Journaling "prompt" pages. Bless....

Tara McIntosh

From: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
November 10, 2016
I love The Sacred Journey and am over the moon that it has returned. The Sacred Journey has been my New Year's tradition for many years and I am grateful that I can enjoy this wonderful tradition again! Thank you so much.

Jean Mosher

From: Loudinville, New York
November 3, 2016
Thrilled to see it back...I had called last year when I couldn't find it and was crushed...so thrilled to get the e-mail that you "are back". They are so beautiful that just writing in it...makes me feel joyful.

Suzanne Isabelle Simmons

From: Los Angeles, CA
October 28, 2016
I am so glad to see that you are back and am looking forward to ordering my journal next month. Thanks so much for such a wonderful, inspirational, and communicative journal. You ROCK!

Roger Brecka

From: Comox, BC, Canada
October 27, 2016
What a wonderful website. I am happy to see you help out others and donate it to those in need. Very kind.

Christine Gordon

From: San Leandro, California
October 27, 2016
 Words cannot adequately explain the joy I feel now that I have my 2017 Sacred Journey journal in my hands; nor can they describe how incredibly lost I felt without one for 2016. 2016 has been a very challenging year, and while I felt I was missing something, I could not identify what it was! Now I know!! Thank You - my life is now back on track. God Bless...

Patricia Chittendon

From: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
October 27, 2016
Thank you for bringing back The Sacred Journey Journal. This was a wish of mine that came true. Blessings and may you continue to publish into the far future!

Liz S.

From: California
October 27, 2016
I can't tell you how amazing and grateful I am that you are back! So lost for almost a whole year!! And, I bought three copies. My entire family is a fan!

Myan Sorensen

From: Crestone, Colorado
October 22, 2016
Ah, dear Cheryl, I'm so glad you have chosen to create a journal for 2017! I was trying to figure out what I would use this year I got the hit to look you up. So glad I did. Your journals provide such a thought provoking format to cultivate deeper process. Blessings to you my friend

Sue Iowe

From: Yeovil, England
October 12, 2016
Glad to see you are publishing a 2017 issue of the diary, I really missed not having one for 2016.
I find it very useful, and it is good to look back and see how my life has changed over the years.
Can not wait until it arrives.

Mary Cawley

From: Arizona
October 7, 2016
Cheryl, I have thought about you every day this year. My sad and sorry excuse for a journal (home made) has not been nearly as effective as yours! I am so glad/grateful and you have decided to publish this year. Thank you.

Harriet Entin

From: St. Louis, MO
August 24, 2016
I am dancing around my house to see that there will be a 2017 Sacred Journey Journal!!! Thank you so much Cheryl! I have been adrift 2016 without this journal as an anchor. There is nothing like it. I put together a few different calendars/journals for 2016 and am glad I don't have to do that again! I've placed my order, and am so grateful you are providing this amazing journal for so many of us.

Sherry Riley

From: Lynchburg, Virginia
July 29, 2016
Really missed my journal, nothing worked for me. This journal has a certain kind of inspiration that I have found nowhere else. Know that it was missed and nothing can compare.

Nathanja Boon

From: Amersfoot, the Netherlands
July 25, 2016
So glad and excited to read there will be a journal in 2017.

Barbara Scheck

From: Nevada City, CA
July 22, 2016
I am seriously missing this journal! Have used it for many years. Helped me feel grounded, connected to the seasons and the moon. Love journaling and using both calendars; there is nothing like this journal anywhere.

Jan Terrill

From: San Angelo, Texas
July 17, 2016
Hi Cheryl! I am counting the days until the 22nd when I can purchase your 2017 edition of the Sacred Journey!!! I did find a 2015 copy & have changed the dates to 2016. I was so lost & scattered with trying to find a journal that would work...nothing...so I ended up with several! Yuk!!! Now I am copying, cutting, pasting & catching up in my "revised" Sacred Journey! It is amazing how I have found comfort & connection through your talents in creating the perfect journal!!! My mind, heart, spirit & soul are once again in harmony!!! Thank You, Thank You & bless you for your efforts & work!!! Jan Terrill

Nicole Brindle

From: Denver, Colorado
July 8, 2016
Are you going to make a journal for 2016? I have ordered like 4 journals so far this year and they all SUCK! I love how you do the tarot spread. Everything is well organized, and there is plenty of room to write, draw, doodle, add pictures if you want. Its perfect! I hope to see you making them for next year!! :)

Ann Williams

From: Sarasota, Florida
July 4, 2016
I am delighted to see 2017 journal will be available soon! I have been in withdrawal since the beginning of 2016 and no Sacred Journey journal to record my dreams, hopes, daily utterances and monthly collages into! I looked for a substitute but could not even come close to your wonderful book! Thank you for keeping the journal alive for us! Please know that you have fans out here and we have missed you and your talent for producing the best journal ever! Much love and light to you and your production team! Color me happy!

Renee' Hinson

From: Winston/Salem, North Carolina
June 13, 2016
Greetings! I hope the sabbatical of 2016 has been restorative for Cheryl and her team! I have really missed having this great resource this year! I am THRILLED to see you will be releasing a 2017 version of the Sacred Journey Journal. I have been a faithful beneficiary of your product/process since 2008 and was terribly disheartened to not have one for 2016. I looked long and hard to find something that would be an acceptable substitute, but alas - was not successful in even approximating the treasure I find in your materials! I just spent about 4 hours over the weekend reviewing my work in these past journals and found myself completely transformed through the process. What you have created is truly a Godsend! I just knew I HAD to create something myself if I couldn't have your version next year. So this morning, I was inspired to check out your website for an update. The news MADE MY DAY and I will be ordering my copy of 2017 as soon as they are available. I will continue to use your materials as long as they are available - I hope there is no need to substitute in future years - please CONTINUE to bring us this treasure!
Gratefully yours,

Jan Terrill

From: San Angelo, Texas
June 12, 2016
Hi Cheryl! Just want you to know that I have missed you & The Sacred Journey more than I can find words to say!!! I hope that you are doing well & that we will get to enjoy & experience a 2017 edition!!! I wish so much that I had gotten a 2015 edition & used it for 2016 as some of your other guests have done! Bummer!!! Many Blessings to you!!!

Maia Souluvlai

From: NY
June 8, 2016
I love this journal... I have the 2009 edition and never got rid of it... I really would love to start out 2017 with one or if you have 2016 I'll buy that NOW.... Love and Light for this great work!

Joanne A.

From: Canada
May 28, 2016
I'm eagerly waiting for your redesign! May your creative journey through this process, with all of the twists and turns, bring forth everything your need as well as some things you didn't even know you wanted.

Anita Rutherford

From: Stanwood, Washington
May 15, 2016
Thank you so much for bringing back the Sacred Journal! It is the perfect way to set a plan and see your accomplishments. They say unless you writ down your intentions, hopes and dreams they will not come to fruition. It is a valuable piece of work when you write down your thoughts and plans. It is a way to focus and keep your plan on top of your mind. Thank you for bringing back this resourceful tool.


From: Vancouver, BC
May 15, 2016
I had no idea how much this incredible workbook had integrated itself into my life until the 2016 failed to materialize. (I ended up buying a 2015 and changing all the dates.) What a wonderful concept it is to be sure – like a faithful friend waiting to comfort, release and document. I never thought to make mine into an art journal but this is the next step for my new life chapter (I lost the love of my life in November). Thank you, thank you so much, for this wonderful journal!

Kristen B.

From: Maine
January 13, 2016
I have enjoyed Cheryl Thiele’s, The Sacred Journey Journal for 9 years now. A dear, dear friend in England sent me my 1st copy and sent it as a gift for many Christmases. I have shared the journal and Spiral Spread within it with so many friends and family members. We get together and do ours spreads on the Equinox and Solstices each season. Love the wonderful energy and beauty of the spread and journal. This year, though you do not have a 2016 journal, I could not go without your journal and I ordered a 2015 Sacred Journal from Amazon and whited out all the dates and wrote in 2016. This is a big year for me and I just needed the steadiness your journal has offered me over the years. So, so grateful for your beautiful work. I hope this is a creative year for you and we will see you back in 2017. Thank you so much.


From: Laguna Woods, CA
January 9, 2016
Oh my goodness, I just found out that I won’t have a Sacred Journey Journal for 2016. Cheryl’s wonderful creation has been part of my life for many, many years and I am going to sorely miss my daily/weekly/monthly/annual rituals of sitting down to write in my very sacred journal. I even thought about buying one from 2015 just to make do until 2017.

Shirley E.

January 9, 2016
I’m so missing the Sacred Journey Journal, which doesn’t appear to be available for 2016. I’ve scoured maybe 100 different journals but none has the wealth of extra writing space beyond the dated sections, for summing up months, years, aspirations or using as I have to note reading, viewing, listening, notes about friends, Tarot readings etc. If I’ve missed out and there IS a 2016 version I’d love to get my hands on one, even though the year’s already under way. And if not, I hope there will be one for 2017 because the one I’m using isn’t a patch on yours, Cheryl. Blessings on you throughout the year.

Angela D

January 4, 2016
I’m looking for the 2016 edition of the journal. I’ve been using the journal for ten years and I’d be so disappointed if it’s no longer being published. Please keep making these wonderful journals!