I am a singer songwriter, my name is India.Arie and I’d love for you to hear my music. I think once you do you’ll understand where my appreciation of your SACRED JOURNEY journal comes from. My mission statement is “To spread love and healing through the power of words and music.” And I believe our missions are similar. Because this journal is the best one I’ve ever had.

I have been journaling since I was about 12, and at that time it was more just notebook paper or my school binder. At 24, my life shifted and it became more focused and more of a priority than it had ever been. Since then I’ve had many, many journals and this SACRED JOURNEY journal is my favorite by far.

It’s helped me stay organized AND have a structured place to express myself. The goals and opportunities, highlights for me at month’s end, that which I accomplished and that which I didn’t. And I LOVE the equinox readings, that’s has been SO helpful along my path. But mostly being an artist living in two worlds at once at all times, this journey makes space for both worlds. This journal is THE perfect companion for me–both my creative/spiritual world as well as my structure/business world.

I just wanted you to know who I am and that I am doing the similar work to yours in the world. PLEASE keep doing what you’re doing!

— India.Arie